Vitebsk supporters Sannikov interested KGB

The KGB had a conversation with a warning Vladislav Voronetski, coordinator of the campaign headquarters of Andrei Sannikov in Vitebsk. Activist Nikolai Zhyrnovskaga the second time cause the draft board, where two employees on the eve of the KGB already talked to him about the inadmissibility of "opposition activity."

Vladislav Voronetsky said that he had been summoned to the dean Vitebsk Technological University, where he is trying to recover on their studies. There he met KGB, who said that he could contribute to solving the problems with learning, if he would give up politics.

Mr. Voronetsky says that these promises do not believe, "I wanted to restore to a 4 year. Was trained as an engineer-technologist, and to recover, I need to pass only one job. Therefore KGB officer I said I would be able to solve its problems itself, and as regards political activity — that there is nothing untoward. He received the answer: do we know that you were the chief representative of Sannikov in Vitebsk, so expect trouble. "

By Vladislav Voronetsky, talks about how to give up the social and political activities are carried out and with Nicholas Zhyrnovskim, another Vitebsk fans Andrei Sannikov. Man had once summoned to the military, where it interacted with two KGB. December 27 in the third day he was again summoned to the military on some regular conversation.

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