Flooding in Nepal lost three Ukrainians

About fifty people are still missing in Nepal after a mountain river in floods overflowed its banks. It happened in the area of Mount Annapurna in the west.

According to the latest forty-three missing, search operation is under way, but experts believe that at this point, the likelihood of a favorable outcome is extremely low.

We know that among the missing three Ukrainian tourists.

In addition, it is now known that thirteen people died in the floods, on Saturday. However, eight were rescued.

This region of Nepal is very popular among tourists.

"We have a list of forty-three people are still missing. Three Ukrainians still missing, "said a district« Sailesh Thapa ».

Also, he added that he is involved in the search for earth-moving machinery, it will help to find any trace of the victims.

According to local residents such flooding was at least sixty years. Besides flooding was recorded in Pokhara, which is the second-largest city in Nepal, where several people were swept away by the flow of water along with their homes and livestock. 

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