From the journalist Belsat searched the apartment

KGB officers in the evening on December 30 raided the apartment rented by an employee of the Polish TV channel "Belsat" Ekaterina Tkachenko.

They took a laptop and a SIM card, the website of the channel. KGB officers "were looking for things that might be associated with the organization of a demonstration on December 19."

A few hours before the raid, which began at 20:30, Tkachenko called on December 31 in the KGB. The journalist refused to come without a formal agenda and stated that it would a lawyer. Thereafter in her apartment, "the KGB raided and searched."

According to the colonel, who "led the operation," a search conducted in connection with the fact that the apartment in which was Minsk office of the TV channel, owned by the former presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich, who is suspected of organizing mass riots.

At night, Dec. 26 unknown broke into the apartment, rented "Belsat" in Mihalevo. Front doors were cut "saw-grinder." The apartment was empty, and the equipment taken out. The room was just a typewriter "Remington" forty years ago.

During the campaign of opposition was arrested, and then arrested for 10 days correspondent "Belsat" Tatiana Bublikava. In the detention center of Minsk district is on a hunger strike, BelaPAN.



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