In suburban Reutovo opened a kindergarten for 250 places and a school with 1100 seats

August 15 Reutovo opened kindergarten combined type number 8 "Childhood Planet".

On the construction of the project was spent 214.58 million rubles, of which about 97 million allocated regional budget and the remaining funds provided the municipality budget.

The new kindergarten has 250 seats, there is the group provided for infants and preschool age groups, compensating orientation, and a group of short-term stay.

On the ground floor of a three storey building has a swimming pool, which has a children's sauna for health treatments. The kindergarten is also equipped with a computer lab, a music room and a gymnasium.

August 15 Reutovo opening ceremony of secondary school number 10. The new four-story building has 1100 seats. The school is equipped with modern classrooms that contain interactive whiteboards, televisions, stereos.

And the kindergarten and the school are equipped for persons with disabilities. In particular, the new buildings are provided with supporting ramps with handrails and toilets adapted for wheelchair users.


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