KGB continues raids

Society KGB evening of December 28 raided the apartment of the leader of the "Right Alliance" Yuri Karetnikova. The house was only the mother of Yuri. They took the hard drive, the documents relating to the activities of the "Right Alliance", and election materials. Also, the KGB left agenda for Yuri to appear for questioning on December 30.

KGB officers raided the apartment of the ex-presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski.

This was announced by activist Dennis Sadowski. The search lasted almost one and a half hours in the presence of his wife. They took pre-election speeches of former candidate.

Vitaly Rymashevski is in custody in the KGB detention center. He, like the other four candidates and their agents, suspected of organizing the riots.

And conducted a search of the apartment of the parents Paul Sevyarinets in Vitebsk. The unknown rang the doorbell and introduced water utility employees. After, as they opened, they presented the prosecutor of Minsk, Paul told his mother Tatiana Seviarynets. Plainclothes officers said they are interested in everything connected with the Dec. 19. They took, for example, two and a half thousand of promotional leaflets for Vital Rymasheuski, laptop and old computer Sevyarinets, which he almost did not use.

As theand the wife of former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, which is also found in the KGB detention center, supratsovnkii KGB tried to conduct a search in the garage of the mother of the candidate. But the mother is outside of Belarus, and they decided to seal the garage door to her return.


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