Lukashenko found militants

Lukashenko said that the West's demands for the release of detained for organizing and participating in an unauthorized rally on December 19 in Minsk, including the ex-candidates are not acceptable.

"If you are an active participant in the riots, that is a consequence, there is a judgment, and you will understand. Actually fate and ex-candidates and detained militants, who smashed the Government House, in their hands," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

As the Interfax news agency, Alexander Lukashenko also said that in the course of investigations in the criminal case the riots in Minsk on December 19 identified people — about 20 people — who stormed the Government House:

"Already we found 20 people, all in one, for two terms already served. That is, these are people who have had problems with the law. And ask me to their release is not necessary. We do, as in France, in Germany."

According to Alexander Lukashenko, "if they are not related to mass riots and were there in the square, for ideological reasons, I will personally consider the possibility of release. And if you are guilty, then I will not interfere. Eventually, each should be responsible for themselves. If someone will push and demand, it will only get worse. "

"A bunch of renegades could turn the country. Even I did not imagine much," — said Alexander Lukashenko. On He said, for the organizers of the riots were "certain people from out of state, certain structures, a lot of money."

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