Statkevich Fast Day 15

The 15th day of his hunger strike in the KGB detention center presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich. The politician has not put forward any demands, because the meaning is clear and without hunger strike that — it requires the cancellation of the elections because of the massive fraud. Statkevich is not going to stop the hunger strike. This was "Belarusian Partisan" said fellow inmate.

Lawyer Tatyana Stankevich saw Statkevich only the expulsion of the charges. It will seek a meeting with his client at this week.

"The very Statkevich do not stop the hunger strike. It's his inner principles and beliefs. He would starve in any case — would have known about it whole world, or no one would know "- told supporters.

Latest information from Statkevich not. Just as there is no information about Ales Arestovich and Sergey Martseleva, which are also in the KGB jail on charges of riots.

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