Azov and the Black Sea in 2012 were among the most polluted in the Russian Federation

Azov and the Black Sea in 2012 were among the most polluted in Russia according to satellite monitoring, which ran from January to December last year, according to Engineering and Technology Center (ITC), "RDC".

"During the monitoring was conducted 92 radar survey. Film pollution, primarily marine origin, were found shot to 61 (66% of the total number of completed surveys.) This is one of the highest levels of contamination to other seas of Russia, which may be associated with intensive navigation and cargo growth in the Black Sea region, "- said in a statement.

Size of individual spots of contamination ranged from 0.1 to 60 square kilometers. The maximum area marine pollution observed in the Black Sea on the border of the Russian and Ukrainian sectors. Large ship spills have also been found in Russia (15.9 square kilometers), Ukrainian (60 square kilometers) and Turkish sectors (28.3 square kilometers). In the Azov Sea area of maximum flood was 17.7 square kilometers.

Extensive film contamination from river runoff and area during the disastrous floods in July Krasnodar region were noted in Tsemess bay.

"However, the main source of pollution in the film remained offshore maritime industry. Most marine discharges were recorded in the central part of the Black Sea in the area of convergence of sectors in Ukraine, Russia and Turkey … A joint analysis of satellite imagery data, and automatic identification systems, obtained during monitoring, suggesting the use of the zone for tank cleaning and disposal of various liquid waste. Very often do the captains of universal tankers prior to changing load ", — the ITC.

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