Costs Yakutia authorities to eliminate flooding totaled 918 million rubles

Yakutia authorities spent 918 million rubles to eliminate the impact of the spring flood of 2012 — emergency repair work, compensation, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the government.

Floods in Yakutia began in May. The flood affected people in 10 regions of the republic. In three districts — Olyekminsky, Srednekolymsky and Ust-Yanskiy — introduced a state of emergency regional character.

In total, suffered more than two thousand people, was flooded 581 house, 31 apartment building, 29 social facilities, energy facilities and transport infrastructure, including two airport, 15 bridges, 11 roads of national significance.

According to the source, the total cost of responding to the flood totaled 918 million rubles, including the cost of rescue work — 40.7 million rubles, the restoration of municipal roads and bridges — 257 million rubles, regional roads — 104 million rubles, the municipal housing stock — 297 million, social facilities — 86 million rubles, Housing — 27 million rubles. Costs for the delivery of construction materials, and assistance in the form of construction materials was 64.7 million rubles.

"Payments to provide one-time financial assistance naseleniyusostavili 10.9 million rubles for the full and partial compensation of property — 15.5 million rubles. Victim planned to provide 81 state housing certificate. For affected people, not on the list to receive housing certificates in connection the lack of legal documents or registration, the government of Yakutia has decided to build two 16-apartment building in Srednekolymsky and restore a 16-apartment building by moving it. Completion is scheduled for three sites in December 2012, "- said the representative of the government.

They added that, given the magnitude of the May floods in the country, the government of Yakutia sent an appeal to the Government for financial assistance from the federal budget. Materials were presented to damages totaling 506 million rubles. Of those currently accepted for review the documents for 219 million rubles

Now the government of Yakutia thinks about how to prevent damage from flooding.

"First of all, the construction of protective hydraulic structures. For example, the city of Lensk, who, after the flood in 2001 could be flooded three times, but due to the construction of protective dikes significant damage was prevented," — said the representative of the government.

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