Environmentalists released into the pond fish in Sochi, destroying mosquito larvae

Environmentalists SC "Olympstroy" released in an artificial pond in the Olympic Park in Sochi mosquito fish fry fish devouring mosquito larvae to control these insects, said the state corporation.

By 2014, the cascade of artificial reservoirs in the Imereti Valley will be a place to relax and center ornithological park. Fish that live in one of the artificial lakes of the Olympic Park, five minutes consumes around 300 mosquito larvae.

"Mosquito fish will exclude any possibility of pesky insects in the hospitable territory. Effectiveness of this method is proven by history. Last century gastronomic predilections mosquitofish helped save the city from mosquitoes," — said in a statement.

Environmentalists also helped Sochi corporation kennel "mosquitofish" where juveniles are grown on a voluntary basis and distributed free of charge. Its employees donated compact inflatable pool, which together several hundred fry.

On World Environment Day gift from the staff of the Civil Code "Olympstroy" Sochi received and naturalists. In the urban ecology and biology students create a real center of a rehabilitation center for lizards, frogs and turtles. Thanks to two new terrarium comfortable place in a shelter for amphibians has more. Place under a special ultraviolet lamp — it is also a gift naturalists — took the Red-eared turtle, which miraculously survived by a car.

"We offer these reptiles move away from the busy road at the Olympic Park waterways. There for amphibians makes the environment with reeds, trees, shrubs on the bank. Red Data individuals will be under the supervision and protection" — quoted in the message words Director of Environmental Support CC "Olympstroy" Gleb Vatletsova.

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