In Ryazan, opened a business incubator

Sept. 21 opening ceremony of the investment business incubator on the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University.

The business incubator has 27 people working. In the future it is planned to accommodate about 40 small innovative enterprises, planned turnover of products and services are the main economic calculations for 2014 will amount to 70 million rubles. 

It will be promising high-tech small and innovative projects in the field of information and telecommunication systems, nano-industry, transportation and space systems, energy efficiency and energy conservation. 

Business incubator consists of a four-story building, where the small innovative enterprises, representative of the University's strategic partners, a conference room, a permanent exhibition, as well as elements of the innovation infrastructure: a technology transfer center, production center, engineering center, the center analyzes, consulting center , the center of intellectual property protection.

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