Ivanov proposes to introduce criminal penalties for the extraction of rare animals

 The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov proposes to criminalize the production, trafficking and transportation of animals listed in the Red Book.

"Until now, the legislation is not amended to significantly increase the responsibility — as far as criminal, and I think that there must be a clear, criminal responsibility for the illegal production, trafficking Amur tigers, their derivatives, as well as their movement across the state border of the Russian Federation. In my view, this should apply not only tigers and leopards are equally and any other animals of Red "- Ivanov said at a meeting devoted to the preservation of the Amur tiger.

As the head of the presidential administration, now in the legislation for the content, purchase, sale or transfer of such animals and their derivatives provide only administrative responsibility. In this case, for illegal possession and transportation of liability should be mandatory.

"I sometimes see on TV footage when our border guards and customs officers detain huge bags of bears paws, skin, with derivatives of tiger, leopard. And for that — nothing, no responsibility. With this urgently needs to end and enter a very serious responsibility including transportation, "- said Ivanov.

Head of Administration said that the appropriate changes in the law should have been made long ago, following the adoption in 2010 of a national program for the conservation of the Amur tiger. This program was adopted immediately after the same in 2010 in St. Petersburg was "tiger summit" (International Forum on Tiger Conservation.) In addition to Russia, to its own national program committed to a further 12 countries in which live tigers. The forum participants to put in 12 years to double the number of tigers in the wild.

Russia is the only country where the number of this species has increased significantly since the middle of last century, and the last 10 years is stable. The country has the largest population today lives in a single tiger habitat — more than 450 individuals, representing 11% of the world population.

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