Migrants want to ban the Russian to walk on their own land

November 4, Moscow will host the "Russian March". On a normal even for the National Unity Day march organizers said several thousand people gathered. Slogans, traditional "Stop feeding the Caucasus", "Russia — for Russian," and so on. And also traditionally against holding "Russian March" made by different organizations, bringing together representatives of national minorities.

Madzhumder Muhammad Amin, head of the Federation of Migrants in Russia: "Tomorrow, if that Dagestanis or Chechens hold their march — like this people will treat? I think if it will hold, and Tatars, or to others, it will also cause a negative reaction. I think some of the nation should not hold such processions. Solely for the protection of a people, and today we have the Russian people do not need protection from anyone. "

However, representatives of the nationalists are confident that the "Russian March" in no way be considered a threat to inter-ethnic unity.

Dmitry Demushkin, leader of the "Russian", "There are things that are beyond good and evil. I'm from the arrogance of some statements by some leaders just sometimes do not even know what to say. And migrants Russia I do not understand that these very crawled at all? When they spend 150000th unsanctioned rally in central Moscow, breaking through the cordon, something I have not heard complaints. I immediately thought to the absurdity of this statement: "The Russian March", its very name, threatens the integrity of Russia, ethnic harmony. It is generally unthinkable topic. I would not even wondered if I was told that in Ingushetia will "Ingush march." I even thought to have arisen, it threatens the integrity of Russia and interethnic peace breaks down. Or in Chechnya "Chechen march." So what? As the "Russian March" when the Russian people go, something could threaten? If there are any violations of the law — this is again not a question of public organizations, and not just workers. This is a question to the Interior Ministry. "

The city authorities have already stated that the grounds for cancellation of the procession can not see. And, then, on November 4, the nationalists will come back en masse to celebrate the Day of National Unity — albeit in a very unique interpretation of it.

But it is always possible to migrants and absolutely nothing threatens:

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