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An interesting puzzle to scientists, archaeologists asked. After the Second World War, during the excavation of the ancient city of ancient Seleucia (Iraq), have been found small clay pots, vases Seleucia, interesting in that they are well preserved mounted brass cylinders with iron cores.


As used in modern electronics and lead tin alloy was used for soldering the cylinders. The assumption was that the researchers that this is the remains of electroplating, or rather the electrolytic cells. Experimental models have been made, according to the ancient samples, in which the electrolyte is filled (copper sulphate). About six volts tension arose at the terminals. What is the purpose of these current sources are used, scientists have failed to find out. Still, it can be assumed that once the power sources were then would have to be electric. Seleucia find vases, proves that we know very little about the level of development of ancient civilizations. Or, as they say paleufologi is proof of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

Shaanxi Province of China mountain river flowing in it with a waterfall, natural demonstrates a puzzle that can not be explained by specialists. That is the phenomenon: during the winter, when the temperature is -30 degrees Celsius, the stream of falling water does not freeze, but in summer, suddenly, for unknown reasons, the water freezes. The mysterious waterfall, according to local residents, behaved and 25, and 50 years ago.

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