Spotted seals sailed to Vladivostok with the advent of ice

Spotted seals have begun to enter the waters of Vladivostok in the emergence of ice in the local bays and in the pursuit of shoals of fish, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a senior state inspector of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve Ph.D. Igor Katin.

Spotted seal or seal-Largo — species of seal, which is in close relationship with the harbor seal and has a similar appearance. Lives in the northern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Japan and the Far East coast of Russia. Larga have light color fur and reach a length of up to 1.7 meters.

"The seals appear in the waters of Vladivostok with the onset of cold weather. Already received the first reports of what they saw in the Amur Bay, particularly in nizkovodnogo bridge Peninsula De Vries. Basically they appear in places where the ice edge, and the more ice will produce, the more they will move to the south of the marine reserve, "- said the source.

According to him, the appearance in the waters of Vladivostok seals — almost annual occurrence. With the arrival of cold weather in the area of the city there is a herring and smelt, in pursuit of that here and swim Largo.

"With the increase in the concentration of fish in winter in Vladivostok also popping whales whales. This year they have also noticed in the city center close to the shore. This is also a regular thing," — he added.

Peak activity of seals in the waters of Vladivostok will be in the next few weeks, after which they will go back to the breeding grounds in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, where they will begin the breeding season, said Katya.

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