The Ministry of Justice issued a warning to the BHC

The Ministry of Justice issued a written warning to the Belarusian Helsinki Committee for "biased" information sent to international organizations.

"The Justice Department considers the information of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, aimed at international organizations such as the one that is objectively reflects the work of government and law enforcement agencies to maintain stability in the country and the rule of law, intentionally distorts the real situation in the country, an attempt to discredit the Republic of Belarus in the eyes of the world" — reports Interfax

BHC lawyer Harry Pahanyaila BelaPAN said that preventing the Ministry of Justice will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Belarus. "Unfortunately, we can not count on the decision rightly. But there are other mechanisms of protection, and I think we have to protect ourselves we can," — he added.

As one of such tools lawyer named UN special rapporteur on human rights defenders. "We will ask him not only on the prevention of the Justice Ministry. We illegally searched and confiscated computers that do not belong to the organization and its members as individuals. In this situation we can turn to the UN Special Rapporteur that he demanded information from the Belarusian government that that is going on, "- said Gaddafi.

He also said that the situation around the BHC will be informed of the foreign partner organizations.

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