Constantin Zhukovsky arrested for 8 days

Society The judge of the district of Homel activist Elena Tsalkova punished, the coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Zhukovsky 8 days in jail for allegedly using foul language in the Regional Directorate of the KGB.

The judge rejected the motion activist to summon witnesses — employees of the KGB Alexander Litvinchuk and Alexei Shaginava, on the basis of whose testimony Zhukovsky and punished by detention.

Adhilena was also a request for a subpoena to the interpreter Russian language the Belarusian.

As reported, in the first half of the day Zhukovsky came to the management of the KGB

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Pragmatic China gets involved in the Libyan conflict (Space War, USA)

After China for months called for dialogue in Libya, he joined the struggle diplomatically, but for all that finds the location of both parties more in order to save their own interests than to end the conflict, they say analysts.

A warm welcome in Beijing foreign affairs minister of Libya this week, the opposition and the invitation to visit China as there are times when the West has provided a more diplomatic and financial support to the rebels seeking to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hong Lei said Beijing "is working

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A new application of European Parliament on Belarus

Society European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, the Committee of Foreign Affairs, the Parliamentary Sub-Committee of Human Rights, as well as the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Belarus and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership (Euronest) issued a joint statement on Belarus.

The document was adopted on the basis of the discussions held in Brussels on January 12, the press service of the European Parliament. The application shall contain the following basic requirements for the European Union:

— The ban on entry and freezing of accounts of Belarusian officials who participated in the violent padavlenni December 19,

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Diary of a Writer: deja vu with coffee

Society I like the only advertising of coffee. And also — how to advertise cat food: cats, they are graceful, always worthy, are independent. I read somewhere — Siamese cat liked coffee. But the cat I have now is not. So coffee. However, on the shelves of her real fever. Coffee as an elixir of creativity, prices — as Leviathan gradusnik under his arm, he has a fever today.


No coffee in any way. And today I feel a kavovae deja vu, as if was twenty years younger. Now, however, it still does not disappear, she fever, she

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Rule Britannia, the budget!

London just decided to live within our means. Military programs from the English Department of Defense were picky audit and a number of promising programs finally judged. In addition to reducing costs Whitehall sees output in cramped military cooperation with France.

The British government has announced plans to reduce the budget deficit. By 2015, it will be cut by 15-20 percent. Acquired lives beyond its means for a very diverse background of the economic situation compels London to the latest measures. Britain has one of the most "expensive" at cost economies in Europe, which reduces its competitiveness in advance.


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In the village of Upper Hawa Voronezh region has opened a fitness center

November 7, 2012 in Verkhnekhavsky district of Voronezh region has opened a fitness center. An integral part of the territory of a fitness center is a children's park. Most of the territory occupied by children's play park rides.

Fitness center is the first major sports facility in the village. FLC included a multi-purpose hall, designed for team sports, and swimming pool of 25 meters. In the gym you can carry out training and competitive activities to indoor soccer, badminton, handball, basketball, volleyball and other sports. The pool will operate navigation section.

FLC in Upper Hawa built in the

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The village Burnasheva (Rep. of Tatarstan), opened a new school

October 12 in the village of Burnasheva Apastovski district opened a new school.

This modern school is designed for 154 students. In one building housed clinic, dental office, a large sports hall.

Photo essay:…tm/photoreport/440722.htm 

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Minsk under the snow

January 7 Minsk region covered with snow. But in the next day snowfall stops, and in most of the expected fog, at night in many areas during the day on the east ice. Black ice on the roads. The air temperature in the country at night and from 4 degrees Celsius to 1 degree heat during the day — from minus 1 to plus 5 degrees.

Photo: Banchevsky

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In Belarus clouds

In the next day, 14 November, in the whole of Belarus will be clouds, BelTA learned in the National Weather Service.

In some areas of projected light precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, foggy, icy conditions. West wind 9.4 meters per second.

At night and in the morning in some areas expected icy roads. Warning of adverse weather conditions Republican hydrometeorological handed to the regions.

Night temperature range from minus 4 to plus 1 degree. Day will be from zero to 5 degrees.

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The village Borogontsy (Yakutia) has earned a new boiler house

December 8 in the village of Ust-Aldan Borogontsy ulus put into operation a new boiler room "Keskil", a solid fuel, the press service of the State Unitary Enterprise "Housing Sakha (Yakutia)."

Modular boiler room in the three months to order SUE built a contractor — LLC "Sahastroy-2002." A new source of heat appeared on the site of the old emergency boiler, which operated for almost thirty years. The building of the new boiler frame-panel, staffed by two boilers brand CWR-1, 16 (Ltd. "Izhevsk Boiler Works").

Boiler room "Keskil" heats kindergarten and private homes western part of the village

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