Irans proposals for a settlement in Syria

Iran put forward new proposals to settle in Syria. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan laid out the details of the plan in an interview with "Voice of the Russian Federation."

— The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Syrian issue can be solved politically. This is the essence of our proposal. The transitional government, from the standpoint of Tehran, to be formed in the presence of Bashar al-Assad as the legitimate president Syria.

In such a government National Harmony, consisting of representatives from different walks of life, could enter those opposition members who were

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The village Kultaevo Perm region has opened a kindergarten

The opening of a kindergarten in Kultaevo — an event more than expected: although the Perm region and is a leader in the reduction of queues in kindergartens, in the Perm region still had problems. Svetlana Kostareva, head of the kindergarten Kultaevo village, said: "It turns out that 40% of all reduced. Remain boys 2-3 years, which we will take the next fall. "

Regional and local budgets kindergarten for 80 people cost about 34 million rubles. Another 5.5 million have purchased furniture, educational games and equipment. This nursery has grown out of the old building, from which,

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The search at the trustee Sannikov in Novapolatsk

Society Victor Kolesnik KGB caught the home of an acquaintance of his — this is the address for some reason has been specified in the warrant, although the activist lives in Polotsk.

After a search that lasted more than two hours from the apartment took two laptops and a few CDs. Victor Kolesnik insisted that only one of his notebook and asked to leave the property of a friend, but KGB took both.

Mr. Kolesnik, who was trustee Andrei Sannikov, presented the agenda. January 14 and 15 hours, he must appear at Dzerzhinsky Street, Building 2 — it is there

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The village Kuleshovka (Samara region). Opened a new kindergarten

Working hand in the village district Kuleshovka Neftegorskij weight in gold. When the village lined up to kindergarten from 20 young families, day care, not waiting for the deterioration of the situation, decided to open. Kuleshovsky kindergarten — an example where all the best, really, given to children. Since the early 90's in the building housed the administration. In 2011, officials were asked to move. Well, next year students will be added, while 8 kids by age are not suitable.

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Manifesto free mankind

1. There are two main sources of human suffering, disasters, wars and lawlessness — power and rushing to the world domination and subjugation of the entire Jewish. Any explanations on the causes of poverty, overcrowding, environmental crisis, the lack of resources — it is a lie. Population Planet deliberately kept the world Jewish elite in poverty weakness. Artificially constrained by technological progress. The enemy of mankind — a Jewish power and its social system built from ourselves away. Need to deal with it constructing their ravnovygodnyh systems. 2. Force law — the basic law of life. False — the

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Arab League proposal for issuance of peacekeepers Syria rejected

Official Damascus has rejected the Arab League initiative (Arab League countries) aimed at ending the confrontation in Syria, which lasts for 11 months, reports "Interfax". The resolution, which was adopted at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the League in Cairo called for the commissioning of a joint peacekeeping contingent of Arab States and the UN in Syria.

League also announced the development of relations with the rebels and diplomatically to stop all contacts with the Syrian authorities.

In response, Yousef Ahmad, permanent representative Syria the League, said that the Arab countries after the failed UN Security Council to

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Tbilisi was mud rain, and the sky turns yellow

The morning of 20 April in the capital of Georgia mud rain fell, according to GHN. As the agency "News-Georgia" precipitation "left marks on people's clothes and mud stains on the stand in the street cars." Eyewitnesses say that when it rains the sky above the city acquired a yellow tint.

Meteorologists explained that this phenomenon is due to the arrival of air masses carrying particles of sand and dust from Egypt and Libya, which were raised in the air as a result of sandstorms. The National Environment Agency said that the dangers of this rain is not. However, in

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Charter-97 has been proposed to move to Poland

Society At the conference "The military situation in Belarus. How it happened and what's next? , "Which was attended by a group of Belarusian politicians, a proposal was made to the version of the popular website" Charter 97 "peraehatsu Warsaw.

As the "ERB" money for the estate is, and least in the Polish capital, journalists will be able to work without constant standby search and seizure techniques.

The only problem is that most of the employees was arrested immediately after the events of 19 December, and the site editor Natalia Radin accused of organizing "mass disorder" and is

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Proposal DCNS for submarines SAM

At the exhibition held in Paris in 2012 Euronaval French DCNS shipbuilding association has submitted two proposals for this anti-aircraft missile system A3SM, created for self-powered submarines, which are underwater. Both versions are available for complex weapons submarines to foreign customers.

First option complex (A3SM Mast) is a turning pipe located inside the missile portable anti-aircraft missile system MBDA Mistral, raises a special retractable mast apparatus within a fencing-sliding devices Underwater boats (like a periscope). The rise of the launcher and launch missiles made in finding Underwater boat at periscope depth. Target designation and aiming is done once a rising

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Ancient Mysteries. Apocalypse: The Secret Revelations

The Book of Revelation — one of the few parts of the New Testament, where it is said that people splash out hatred, but are righteous. This is the last and most terrible of many books of the Bible in which it is a bloody Apocalypse. Today, millions are waiting for signs that the Apocalypse is imminent. What is the Book of Revelation was written? Many believe that only barren sandy valley in northern Israel can conceal the answer to this question. According to the Bible, in this place to begin Armageddon, the end of the world. But is it

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