In the village of Pokrovsky (Tul.) Completed the reconstruction of the temple of the 18th century

In the village of Pokrovsky Kimovsky district of Tula region restored Holy Protection Church, built in 1767 by means of Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Vadbolskaya. To complete the reconstruction of the beautiful temple remains only to establish the dome. The morning of October 14 in the rebuilt temple Divine Liturgy was held in honor of the Holy Virgin with the consecration of the two domes, lifting and installation of which will be held October 17, 2012.

Search in the apartment of Andrei Shevchik

Society At the apartment owner, a member of the campaign "Tell the truth"Andrew Shevchik in Minsk was searched.According to Andrew, he spent three men in civilian clothes. The warrant states that the search was conducted in the framework of criminal case about riots. Andrew Szewczyk noted that the search, law enforcement officers conducted correctly. They took a few flags, scarves campaign "Tell the truth. "

After a search of Andrew were taken in for questioning.

The lawyer was able to meet with Vladimir Kobets

Society January 13 lawyer was able to meet with the head of staff of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets, which is located in the KGB prison.

According to the "Charter 97", the wife of Vladimir Kobets Juliana told that her husband was ill with bronchitis. It is cold because it contains in the cold chamber, and it is now in prison treated with antibiotics. Through a lawyer, Vladimir asked to give medication.

Any other information the lawyer can not tell because of the subscription to disclose that lawyers were forced to sign all the prisoners of

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Afghanistans president has said a lot of unnecessary

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has officially confirmed that South American diplomats are talks with representatives of the movement "Taliban". At the same time, he said, the meetings are held without the participation of representatives of the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai. According to experts, this means that the U.S. is quite disappointed with the Afghan president.

In Sunday's broadcast of CNN Pentagon chief said that negotiations with the Taliban began "a few weeks back," and it is too early read about achieving any progress. Robert Gates confirmed that the initiator of dialogue made by South American diplomats and participate

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In the village of Petropavlovsk Ust-Maya region of Yakutia opened a new school

In the village of Petropavlovsk Ust-Maya district opened a new school of agriculture profile.

The new school designed for 165 students, was built largely thanks to the persistence of rural residents. In 2010, its mandate was made at the government report. According to the newspaper "Yakutia", the guests gave the teachers and students of Petropavlovsk mini-tractor, as well as laboratory equipment, computer room and language laboratory. This year will go to a new school seven first-graders.

Afghan President opening consulates in Qatar Taliban support

Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, supports opening Consulates in Qatar "Taliban", as the efforts of the United States in the negotiation process with this organization. In a statement, the favorite Afghanistan notes that the negotiations between the Taliban and the United States could save the country from "komplotov, conflict and killings of peaceful inhabitants," reports Reuters.

Recall that the movement "Taliban" from the government of Qatar recently received permission to open consulate own organization in the capital of the country. Office in Doha, according to the extremists, will be used for the negotiation, the main purpose of which is to

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Dictatorship samapavtaraetstsa at all levels

Society Seven years ago, during my first visit to the cellar unfree Leninsky district police department, the police and the detainees were two so different from each other and at the same homogeneous group within yourself, what about us "we are — one nation" does not work. Apateozu adroznastsi this was the episode where detainees with rose and began to sing the hymn "Mighty God". In the basement of the firing, with targets in the form of a man and schemes of Kalashnikov assault rifles on the shabby walls. Sang passionately, as if before death. It was cool, but looking

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In Murmansk blocked maximum temperature of the day!

Anticyclone, which is located over the European part of Russia, led to sunny, warm weather in the Kola Peninsula on June 7. The area in the daytime air temperature reached +22 … +33 °. In Murmansk, was offset by the maximum temperature of the day, which was +25,8 °. Before that, the highest temperature was observed in the 7 June 1936 and was +24,3 °, according to Murmansk UGMS.

For tomorrow, June 9, in our area is expected to partly cloudy weather, intermittent rain in places. Weak wind at night, the day East 6.11 m / s.

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The village Pavlivka (Saratov region). Swimming pool opened after reconstruction

Three thousand children were able to swim all year round. The village was opened after reconstruction Pavlivka long-awaited pool.

The scariest haunted house!


Some properties do not become a place of pilgrimage because of its unusual architecture or history, but because of the ghosts inhabiting them.

Someone skeptical smile, some just do not believe in the hereafter, and someone has already experienced the presence of the ghosts for yourself. Point web site has compiled a list worst haunted houses.

Castle Chillingham, Northumberland, England. The castle was once a convent defense clause, an army barracks and private property. In the days of William Wallace and War of Scottish Independence castle played a crucial role for the

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