Press tour in Lipetsk Center of combat deployment and retraining of pilots of the Air Force

Part first. Museum and the Registrar's Office.


A short historical summary.

The history of the constant Lipetsk aviation garrison considered to be the 1923rd year, was created when the second high school voenletov Reds, who, though a year closed. In the years 1925-1934 is based in Lipetsk German aviation school. There are carried out tests of new aircraft and training of flight crews. After disbanding, since 1934, organized by the Higher School of tactical aircraft the Air Force. In 1960 he transferred to Lipetsk "4th Center introduction of combat Air Force "and transform into the" 4th Center introduction of

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The network has the picture of the modernized Russian tank T-72B


In recent months, Russian media have repeatedly reported that the crew of the Southern Military District received modernized tanks T-72BM. Many puzzled over what it represents, this modification of the legendary Russian military machine. It sometimes even led to curious incidents. And now the picture of the tank can be seen. But what is surprising: not some electronic edition that is relevant to the defense ministry, and on the blog of outstanding Russian athlete and just a beautiful woman, we all adored Natalie Ragozina. In its report on the visit to "native land" in one of the

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In the web lit up a new version of the BTR-82A

Superior BTR-82A

In Arzamas continued improvement of the BTR-82. This time, the designers decided to improve the performance of the gun 2A72. As you know, this is a tool originally created for the "Triad" (30-mm 2A72, 2A70 100-mm gun and PKTM) BMP-3. In this setup, "tridtsatka" rigidly fastened to the 100-mm gun, and thereby provide the desired accuracy. With the modernization of the BTR-80 in the modification of the "A", it was decided to set 2A72. Left without a rigid attachment, barrel malokaliberki got a little "walk", which was to affect the

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Press tour to the brigade of special purpose

On the days of driving to the press tour in special purpose brigade of the Krasnodar Territory.

We forbid read where exactly we were, what we beheld, as it is called, and what this rate. You can not show the face of officers and contractors.But I think that even with these criteria I find that exciting for you to tell. 🙂

Thus, the Order of Zhukov team Special purpose. Team, engaged in the exploration, combat operations in extreme conditions, the search for militants who participated in the settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

Immediately warn that have not been showing off

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The audience of Belsat approaching 1 million people

Society According to the Center for Sociological Research "Zerkalo-Info", which was conducted from 23 to 31 December 2010, the audience of the satellite channel "Belsat" close to 1 million people.

5.5% of adults surveyed Belarusians noted that the look was "Belsat", and 6.7% — "from time to time." In absolute terms — of about 420,000 regular viewers and 510,000 people who watch television from time to time. Total television audience approaching one million.

Among the people that have access to satellite TV, half watching "Belsat". TV watching has become 22.6% of respondents who have satellite dishes, and 27.5% of the

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U.S. official Minsk to give a few days

Society U.S. gives to the Belarusian authorities a few days to release detained during a protest in Minsk. Otherwise, the sanction will be resumed in full scale.

On this, as reported "Interfax", said U.S. State Department spokesman Vilnius Nancy MakEldani:

"If the detainees are not released very quickly, we will have no choice but to consider them as political prisoners. This will mean that once again be sanctioned, which action has been suspended. " When asked to clarify — how quickly it can happen — American official has said, "This is an issue days. "

She also

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In Sestrorezk after the cap. Repair opened the children’s department clinic number 68

As part of the modernization of health care for the repair and purchase of equipment for the children's outpatient department was sent to more than 19.2 million. Another 3.8 million for the purchase of modern medical equipment clinic has received from the Territorial Fund of CHI in St. Petersburg.

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City found dead


Mummy Rosaline

In the Italian city of Palermo was found dead city: in the cave monastery of the Capuchins, archaeologists have found about two thousand skulls. The appearance here of a huge number of skulls due to the fact that several hundred years ago this place was turned into a shrine for local residents.  

The most recent burial refers to 1920. His final resting place there has found two-year-girl Vera, who died of bronchial infection.

Despite the fact that since the death of the

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5.0 magnitude earthquake recorded in Kamchatka

Seismologists Kamchatka on Monday night in the south of the region recorded an earthquake of magnitude 5.0, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Far Eastern regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry. "Quake seismic experts" Paul "is registered in the south of Kamchatka on Monday at 00.15 local time (16.15 MSK Sunday). Epicenter was located in the Gulf of Avacha a depth of 50 kilometers under the sea, about 160 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky," — explained the agency.

According to him, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky earthquake recorded by force of up to three points. In the apartments of residents rang dishes, slightly

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Anomalies in Space: NASA video watch online

Cognitive film, the base of which lie in the video is not normal objects that are similar to the UFO, which science has not found a clarification. Video shot in the open space by cameras NASA. Mystery always amazes people's minds, and this video is proof of this. Many of the featured objects look very plausible and are unique in their own way. That after all this, traces of a UFO or new quirks of nature?

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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