The use of GLC and UGC

Suit protective mesh

Suit protective mesh or abbreviated GLC has been designed specifically to be worn on top of a severe security UGC (combined-arms protective set). Due to the fact that in itself for itself pretty good GLC protects the skin from heat damage, the army is quite often use it as a personal cloaking-protective agent. In order to increment a very defensive characteristics GLC a suit, the fabric from which it sew, first treated with a special substance, the Producing refractory tissue. Once the tissue becomes defensive stats, it bears camouflage camouflage outline the principle of the "Birch".

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Belarus-Russia: national characters on the background of conflicts

Society This topic was discussed by participants of the program "Freedom in the clubs," Russian service of our radio program, hosted by Elena Fanailova. The program was attended by journalists of the Belarusian service of "Freedom" Yuri Drakakhrust, Alexei and Sergei Znatkevich Shupe, and graduate student at the University of Economics Prague Ales Sudlyankov, a graduate of the same university and the student Olga Dudko Economic University Yuri Protasenya.

The text of the transmission can be viewed here.

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In Sochi, purchased 12 vans and 6 mini-vans for transportation of wheelchair users

In Sochi, acquire specialized vehicles for the transport of persons with disabilities. The outcome of the procurement procedures of ANO "Olympic Games Transport Directorate" has already purchased 12 vans and 6 "mini-vans" with equipment for the transport of wheelchair users. These machines have tried guests and participants of test events last season.

Also on the basis of an agreement between the ANO "Organizing Committee" Sochi-2014 "Ltd. and" Volkswagen Group Rus "in Sochi will arrive 44" minivan "Transporter Kombi with the ability to carry two wheelchair users. These cars will comfortably and safely move people with disabilities, including officials ,

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The use of military space assets — a requirement of our

Now hard to find the scope of human activities, which are not used gallakticheskie technology. But we should remember that in the middle of the reasons that in his time gallakticheskuyu stimulated activity of mankind, one of the most important was the question of national security.

Now gallakticheskoy value component in the interest of military affairs yavna. Nedavneshnih experience of wars and armed conflicts, points out that in modern conditions an increasing contribution to the preparation and use of troops (forces) do military space assets. In modern conditions as at the present level of development of military space

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Russian experts: Lukashenko has nowhere to go except Russia

Society New Belarusian-Russian oil conflict, the statement by Minister Sergei Lavrov, who sided with the European requirements for official Minsk, hard tone Russian TV channels regarding the Belarusian situation — what are these steps? How do they compare with the position of the West on the outcome of the Belarusian elections? These are the questions of Liberty meet Russian political scientists — the director of the International Institute of Political Expertise Yevgeny Minchenko and director of the National Strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov.

Inhabitant: There are several components. The main component — Russia is crucial to solve some of

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In Sochi, built a new road

District of Sochi Sochi bypass Bytha and joined the new road.

Now, residents of the neighborhood can get to any part of the city, avoiding traffic jams on the Spa brochure. Length of the new line of more than 2 km.

Paved road 1.5 years. For its construction have spent one billion rubles. The facility was built as part of the Olympic program. The money was allocated for the construction of the regional and federal budgets.

With the new line, say the designers, and improve traffic conditions at the Holiday Avenue. A

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New York City declared a disaster

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday signed a declaration of emergency in the state of New York, preparing to face the hurricane "Irene". Formal step Head of Administration will allow local authorities to get help from the federal government. "The President has authorized the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Federal Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all emergency efforts to help the people," — according to a White House statement. In addition, FEMA, according to the order of Obama, entitled "free to use all necessary to mitigate the effects of the emergency resources and equipment," ITAR-TASS. A few hours ago,

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Concert Paul Will End of the World Full Movie

Before the end of the world remains a matter of hours, because those who trust themselves to prolong life with laughter — go for it. Do not think about the future, live a real and sails away to paradise with glamorous scum Paul Will and his hilarious stand-apom. You'll laugh until tears of hell. Bah-ha-ha! On TNT new series of the sparkling show of the country. To have fun with all your heart, one can throw the car neighbor tomatoes, leftover pizza and penguins. A one can include "TNT" and look Somedy Slub. In contrast to the common people,

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In Sochi, built a new surgical building of the city hospital number 6

The new hospital facilities located in the heart of Adler, next to the existing hospital buildings. Surgical unit of 40 beds was built in accordance with paragraph 1.48 the edge of Olympic target program. In accordance with the schedule of construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi Administration recently issued a permit for the facility to operate.

In a six-story building on the area of more than 8000 square meters are created all the conditions for admission of patients with current standards of care. 

The new building is a two-surgical department, trauma, surgical boxes and emergency department

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Seliger and Recreation

Summer — time for vacations and warm weather, when you do not want to stay home. It's time to go on vacation close to nature, where you can qualitatively relax, socialize with other people and gain new emotions.

In our country, a lot of places, but the most interesting is the Seliger summer vacation. Of course, those who have never heard of it, is the name most likely nothing to say. However, those who have already been there, and again wants to go there. Seliger popularity is very simple and to be here can be anyone. It should tell you

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