In the village Chiburgolskoy (Krasnodar Territory) opened a new GP surgery

In the village Chiburgolskoy opened a new GP surgery. The introduction of the new clinic building was made possible by the long-term regional target program of development of the infrastructure of local significance.

"Regional target program, which included Krasnoarmeisky area in 2011, involves co-financing conditions, — the chief doctor of the central district hospital Krasnoarmejsky Galina SELIVERSTOVA. — From the edge of the budget of the Department of Health with the support of the Krasnodar region we were allocated four million rubles, more than two and a half invested millions of head of Yuri Vasin budget Krasnoarmeyskiy

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In the village Chernorechenskaya (Krasnodar Territory) opened a factory for the production of drinking water

The company "Eco-Lab" built a plant for the production of natural drinking water in AQUEENway Labinskiy Chernorechenskaya area in the village. The investment amounted to more than 130 million rubles.

In the village Chernorechenskaya at a depth of 30-100 meters flowing underground river, which originates from the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus mountains. The source of groundwater is located in an ecologically clean region of the Caucasus mountain range, in the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

It is this environmentally friendly water extracts and pours a new plant.

The company plans — further expanding the range of products.

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Even today, January 18



All day cloudy in the afternoon — rain, temperatures near zero.

Do not pass:

Minsk meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Minsk, the Ministry of Economy will hold a press conference "The directive number 4. On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating business activity in Belarus. "New opportunities for further economic liberalization and raznyavolennya business initiatives."

Minsk, the small hall of the Museum of Modern Art — an exhibition of Andrew Skitseva "Love and so on.".


Oman / Ramallah: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev starts visit to Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

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Pahanyajla: The judges do an owner

Society The deputy chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, lawyer Harry Pahanyaila so Lukashenko commented on statements about the fact that the trials of the organizers of the riots were in full compliance with the law:

"Indeed, the judges do" master "who qualified from the outset what happened on December 19, as riots. However, the praise in this case — is the professional judgment of the judges. This again confirms that the judges are dependent, the judge did not execute the law, and act in accordance with political expediency. "


authority, the court

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Background of the chaos in the North Caucasus

What has not gone through the Caucasus in its history. This string of wars and changing ideologies and sections of the territories, and the massive repression of entire nations, and the huge influx of capital, and unemployment, and chauvinism. Caucasian people, which seems to be God himself commanded to live in peace and harmony, often taken to find out things among themselves, conflict with other neighbors. Well, the neighbors often do not remain in debt and are responsive to the Caucasus "reciprocity."

If you now ask the average Russian, with which he personally associate the word "Kavkaz", then 90

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In the village Fastovetskoy (Krasnodar Territory) opened a dialysis center

Health facility opened in the framework of the investment project to build a dialysis center in Krasnodar and its offices in the province, which implements the German company Fresenius Medical Care. The new center is set 20 vehicles "artificial kidney". Department at a time can take up to 120 people.

Nefrotsentr will work not only for the residents of district coach, but also the neighboring areas. Now patients with renal insufficiency will get high-tech help to the highest standards without going to the regional capital.

Doctors, nurses, attendants and technicians have been trained in the center of Krasnodar.

(function (w,

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The ghosts of the night, or on the other side of life

That evening, I accompanied the mother of his girlfriend, which is more than fifty years spent in our small town. I came home late at night and could not sleep.

Eugene five years as a widow, and lived just a ten minute walk from my house. Her daughter, Julia, my childhood friend, begged her mother to move to live with her in another city.— Mom, I want you to be there. I do not want to wake up every morning with only one thought, you're there alone, hundreds of miles away from me and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, his eyes literally stuck

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The correspondent of Radio Radio Station Gorki with the KGB did not return

Society January 17 at noon KGB detained a correspondent of "Radio Radio Station" Boris Gorki. To still unknown where the journalist Gorki. Boris Goretskogo detained during the execution of the editorial tasks — journalist wrote relatives of prisoners of the KGB detention center near the building of the agency on Komsomolskaya Street.

First Goretskogo invited to the KGB for document checks. This was at 11:30. At 12:55 Boris Gorki made contact with colleagues and said that he was "taken out of the KGB building in an unknown direction." Since then, it took 8:00, but due to the Gorki was not,

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In Balezino to collect hazardous himothodov taken Refuse

Certified plastic containers for removal of chemical waste arrived in Balezino (Udmurtia), where chemical wastes were illegally merged into bitumen abandoned asphalt plant, told RIA Novosti on Saturday head Balezino district Rishat Muhgalimov.

According to the investigation department of the UK to Udmurtia, in late December, the station "Balezino" came several cars in chemicals division of one of the legal entities, based in Izhevsk. The substances have been unloaded and merged into the unused bitumen pit near the village Balezino. The investigation initiated proceedings under an abuse handling hazardous materials and waste.

A few more tanks of toxic wastes were

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Background of the Great Northern War and the choice of strategy Russia

First XVII century, during the Troubles, the Swedes captured the town of Novgorod naikrupneyshie — Ivangorod, yam and Koporie. According Stolbovo 1617 Our homeland has lost the Gulf of Finland. As a result, the Russian government has lost belonged to Russian withdrawal from ancient times to the shore of the Baltic Sea. In addition, Sweden has received a good springboard for the upcoming coming to the Russian land from the north there was a threat of Swedish invasion. Swedish master Gustav II Adolf (1611-1632), speaking in the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) said: "The Russian — insecure neighbors … and now

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