President of the Supreme Court considers it appropriate introduction of jury trials

The Company's Chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus Valentin Sukalo said June 3 at a meeting with the President for improving the work of the courts, it is appropriate to introduce in Belarus institution of the jury.

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In Sursko (Penza region). Built brick factory

Ppredpriyatie, scheduled to open in the third quarter of this year, is equipped with high-tech equipment the Spanish firm Agemag. Advanced production techniques at start of the first stage will produce 30 million bricks a year, and the opening of the second line in late 2013 — early 2014 — a further 60 million

Thus, operating at full capacity the company is able to produce about 90 million pieces of high quality bricks per year.

Penza plant will saturate the market of building materials. Not only will their own production of the Penza region an opportunity

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Prepyadstviya fighter F-22 Raptor. Part I: Economy

It is unlikely that there is a project the U.S. airline industry, which could be compared with the aircraft Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in the number of disputes around. Even before the construction of the first instance of the F-22 fighter began discussing his appearance, features and combat potential. In addition, an important topic of discussion was the new aircraft belonging to that particular generation or fighters. The customer in the face of the Pentagon wanted to get fighter Fifth generation, but after two and a half decades after the start programs from far not all the spices and fans

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There are no stupid external borrowing at high interest rates

Society Belarus will not be in the near future to borrow money abroad. Also not expected in Belarus and the "avalanche, shock, dirt-cheap privatization." Such plants today gave the government Alexander Lukashenko.

January 18 the President held a meeting on the development of the economy. Part of the ministers renewed government officials of the Administration, the bankers. In the course of the meeting and voiced referred installation. Thus, Lukashenka stated:

"There are no stupid external borrowing at high interest rates will be. With these it is necessary to pay off. No printing money. This is — the right approach,

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In Surgut bureau opened infectious case

After a four-year renovation of the program "Modernization of Health Khanty-Mansiysk" was the grand opening of the infectious case with the office of hemodialysis Surgut District Hospital. Insulation in the infectious disease department starts at the front desk. From the ambulance patient arrives in a special box, a total of 3 — separately for each type of infection. Reinventing the infectious department Surgut District Hospital has 120 beds, all of them are isolated. At the same doctor always has the latest information on the status of critically ill patients — all of the data from the intensive care unit

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Belarus stopped exporting diesel fuel

Society On Dec. 17 suspended supplies of diesel fuel from Belarus to Europe, with the delivery of Russian gas through the pipeline "Druzhba" through Belarus to Poland and Germany are continuing, said "Deutsche Welle".

According to one of the oil traders in London, from Belarus "has not received anything," although the volume of deliveries of Belarusian and used to be small. Usually Belarus monthly supplies Europe with about 200,000 tons of diesel fuel. However, now that Belarus itself needs fuel, since the beginning of 2011and Russia cut off oil supplies to Belarus.

Belarusian and Russian companies have not

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Flooding in Bangladesh.

During the floods in Bangladesh killed 17 people, according to Associated Press. The floods began in the country as a result of heavy rains that did not stop for 3 days. In particular, in the capital, Dhaka, two teenagers died in the rubble wall that collapsed during the storm.

It is also reported that more than 40 fishermen that came into the sea before, missing. Tens of thousands of coastal residents have lost their homes. Their homes in the lowlands along the coast of the Bay of Bengal were washed away by flood. According Dzhasuddina Ahmed, the head of administration

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In Surgut, a new independent theater

In Surgut, a new independent theater.  

Theatre actor and Dolls "Petrushka" withdrew from the city of Surgut Philharmonic and begins to "float freely".   The status of an independent organization to children's theater was 20 years old, steadfastly experiencing the worst of times — and when half the team was not in the building to rehearse and give performances, and when six months had no money to pay salaries. The theater is not broken up. On the contrary, the difficulty of him even more united, writes "Surgut platform."

Now, "Petrushka" at the threshold of

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Difficulties F-22 fighter Rapror. Part II: Arms and equipment

In the first part of our article we spotted preconditions high price of the new South American fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. As it turns out, the program of creation of the aircraft, at one time looked a not too complex itself, with the passage of time has acquired a mass of problems, which ultimately affected the price of research and development work, as the cost of building at least some aircraft taken separately. Fully saying that the difficulties of the economic disposition due to technical neuvvyazkami. The development of new technologies, and correcting for first glance, small imperfections may

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Asian cities under threat of natural disasters

Global warming leads to such storms, droughts and heat shock, and in some places and floods that people of the world it's time to have in stock plan in the event of another natural disaster before met destructive power. Particularly worth to be on guard zones with high population density, poor regions of the planet, though from natural disturbances are not perfect, the new tropical cyclones, floods and drought threaten all from Mumbai to Miami.

The impact of rising temperatures and sea levels annually bring the world economy damage in 80 billion. Not rarely from such misappropriation is unprepared population

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