Parting with Vitaly Taras

Society Minsk hosted a farewell to the journalist Vitali Taras. Years of Radio Liberty writer, journalist, member of the Belarusian PEN Centre and the Belarusian Association of Journalists Vitaly Taras passed away on January 18. He was buried in the North Cemetery of the capital.

Books, photographs, personal belongings Vitali.

Condolences to Anton Taras from Vladimir Orlov.

Anton Taras at his father's grave.

The widow of Vitaly and Irina Elena Lukashevich Bykov at the tomb of the deceased.

Dozens of wreaths from friends, colleagues and loved ones.


Mother and son Vitaly Taras Regina Bakunovich and Anton

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A walk through a minefield

August 23 at the site Ashuluk that in the Astrakhan region detonated ammunition. As a result, accidents, killing six soldiers. 12 man wounded. According to police disk imaging, blast in the process of disposing of ammunition. The situation at the site is not unique — ammunition began to explode military depots with suspicious regularity.

First, a similar state of emergency in June came in Udmurtia. The fire and the following explosions took place in the arsenal of the village Pugachevo. As a result, the incident has died one people, and the number of the wounded more than 100 people.

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In Tambov region opened a new bridge

Last Saturday on the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe forest has opened a new modern bridge over the river Cna.

The new bridge has become a part of the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe Forestry, which connected the villages Gusev Glade, Cages, Lucka, Nut, Homutlyayskoe forestry, recreation center "Quiet Corner" and the park-hotel "Berendey" the village burned and regional center. The bridge was designed by the design and research institute "Sevzapmostproekt" (St. Petersburg)-to-order in the region. Such a bridge — the only one in the Tambov region. Contractor acted organization "Mostostroy" under the leadership of General Director Alexei Kochetkov. The work was

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In Tambov State Technical University has opened a new swimming pool

On November 25, the grand opening of Tambov training pool and sports complex TGTU "Courage." Its construction began in February 2011 under the federal program "500 pools."

At the opening made by the dance group "Colors of the Rainbow" and martial arts sports club "Sakura". After the end of the official part in the new pool, the first significant heat. It was attended by students TGTU.

The pool includes four swimming lanes at 25 meters. On the first floor are locker rooms, administration and a snack bar. On the second floor there are showers,

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Pentagon worried about the progress of the PLA

Last Wednesday Pentagon reported to the South American Congress on the situation of things in the Chinese armed forces. Namely, analyzed the merits of China's military development in the past year.

The report is an obvious concern that the Communist Party of China leads systematically to the financing of the PLA (People's Liberation Army China) With the aim of upgrading and modernization. It is not that South American military establishment fully accepts the Chinese army as a potential enemy of its own, but also the inherent Yankees alertness evident. For example, a Pentagon official told Congress the platform that

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Searches of human rights defenders

Society Who is being searched in the office of the public association "Center for Human Rights." This was reported by the head of the organization of St. Michael Rice.

January 17 search warrant was held in Minsk office of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna". Later searches were conducted in the country with human rights activist Ales Bialiatski and the apartment where his family lives.

In Stockholm, will be an action of solidarity with the arrested opposition

Society The action will take place at a central square in the Swedish capital Normalstorg and 16th 30 local time.

Among the participants Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Olsen and Deputy Foreign Affairs Committee of Swedish Parliament, the Social-Democrat Urban Ahlin.

As stated on the eve of Birgitta Olsen, "is how elections were held last month in Europe's last dictatorship, when hundreds of people, including presidential candidates were injured and arrested, there is absolutely unacceptable phenomenon."

"Alexander Lukashenko with his contempt for democracy should provoke a strong reaction from the EU," stressed Birgitta Olsen.

According to one of the organizers,

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Applets flight simulation for radio-controlled helicopter

To feel confident in the use of radio-controlled models, we must be patient as defined by certain skills and knowledge, obtained in the course of preparatory training before the flight. If for you randomly or deliberately presented complex in terms of management model helicopter on the radio — do not worry, everything is fine. The only thing that you need is to learn how to fly it, and one of the more suitable techniques — free and reliable, is the introduction of special software — flight simulators.

Taken separately simulator for radio-controlled model helicopter is supplied together with the

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Pioneer mine again examined for the presence of cyanide in the soil

Additional control samples in water and soil in the area of the mine "Pioneer" and the eponymous town in the Amur region to hold experts this week to find out the source of nitrates, which have been detected in drinking water wells in the village of Lunga River, according to the regional government.

Information that the mine "Pioneer" — one of the largest gold companies in the region, burst a dam storage cyanide solution, appeared on the Internet in late January. Local residents are confused brown snow and ice near the dam. On this fact the tests were conducted.


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Strange sounds in New England, USA

December 15, 2012 19:54

December 4, 2012. Many witnesses perplexed about the causes of strong sounds like explosions and say that they hear such first time. According to investigators, the noise source is a mystery. No man-made disasters in the area were recorded.

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