IISEPS for Lukashenko — 51.1%

Society The site registered in Vilnius Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies published the results of a national survey conducted in December 2010. Sociologists state: the economic wellbeing of the Belarusians after the 2006 elections has deteriorated, were uneasy relationship with power. Do the math, that the election of Lukashenko 51.1% of the respondents voted in second place — Nekljaev (8.3%), the third — Sannikov (6.1%).

As follows from the ticker on the website of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, "the real results of the presidential election — the sensational results of a survey NISEPI."

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In Tver, new buses as part of the program Accessible Environment

The heads of agencies and organizations of Tver awarded certificates to 12 specialized modern low-floor buses. Vehicles designed for safe and comfortable transportation of both people with disabilities and all people, was acquired in the framework of the program "Accessible Environment".

For the first time these buses will be in the complex social services center, nursing home for the elderly and disabled, as well as in two SDYUSSHOR city — № 1 and type the name of rowing Olympic champion Antonina middle. The new trucks will ward these institutions more opportunities not only for transportation, but also more

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Project 20380

The new Russian multi-purpose patrol boat near maritime zones in the 20380 was designed for the Russian Navy in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" in St. Petersburg. Its creation was justified by certain difficulties associated with the implementation of the previous multi-purpose ship of the same class pr.12441 because the lead ship "Novik", founded back in 1997 at the shipyards of GCC "Amber" at the time and has not been completed. In this regard, after the competition, in which specifically overcome by Federal State Unitary Enterprise CMDB "Diamond", the command of the Russian Navy

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The solidarity action in Stockholm

Society In the Swedish capital of the action of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus. It was attended by politicians and public figures of Sweden, the relatives of the defendants allegedly "organizing mass disorder" during the opposition rally in Minsk on December 19, Belarusian politicians — in particular, the ex-presidential candidate in 2006, Alexander Kozulin and former chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkievich.

On the progress of the action said one of its participants, journalist Olga Klaskouski. Her brother Alexander Klaskouski already a month in the KGB detention center and charged with "organizing mass disorder":

Alexander Kozulin and

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Project 12700 — Composite base minesweeper Alexandrite

Surface ship 12700 project — the largest ship in the present day with a composite body. Designed and created by the central maritime CB "Diamond" by order of the Russian Navy. The main purpose of the base or ship mine-sweeper defense — search and destruction of various types of mines with non-threatening distance to the ship itself. Base minesweeper ship project 12700 is the latest generation of CSI. This day is the construction of the first (head) of a ship "Alexander" for the needs of the Navy Russian Federation.

BT "Alexandrite" laid at the end of September 2011 at

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In Tver renovated clinic opened

Children's Clinic of city hospital № 1 in Tver was opened after extensive renovation.

Children's Clinic serves the entire central area of the regional center and part of Moscow, it is more than 12 thousand children. Three and a half months in the building was renovated.

Update all rooms clinic. In addition, for the convenience of the patients here have expanded lobby. It is now a spacious closet and desk. The clinic is fully replaced plumbing fixtures, heat-and water supply, fire fighting. The institution is located on the first floor of the five-story building. Admission of children here are from

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Why Lukashenko chose the crackdown?


Vitaly Tsigankov

These topics in the program "Prague accent" to discuss human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, Chief Editor of "New Era" Aleksei Korol and editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov.

TsigankovFour weeks after the presidential election in Belarus — questioning, new detentions, searches. What are the goals set itself the Belarusian state machine, extending the crackdown? This problem is psychological — sow fear back into society, political — to defeat the opposition, the other?

"According to Lukashenko, between the presidential campaigns of authoritarian rule should prevail"

King: I remember when I worked in a closed archive,

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Ankara streets disappeared under water



17 iyunya.Silneyshie downpours and hail turned the Turkish capital Ankara on a continuous stream of water. In some areas of the city flooded not only the first, but the second floor. Under water were underpasses and metro stations.

Drivers of cars and public transport barely had time to escape from the flooded cars. It took even help divers — they evacuated the victims out of the water. Giant hail broke shop windows and the windows of houses. As people continue to enter the hospital with fractures and bruises,

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Pictures from another world

October 9, 2011 8:18

Afterlife does exist, and continue to create outstanding people in the other world — think parapsychologists. His works convey the spirits of famous artists to people from time to time by entering into contact with them. And there are those who argue that the stories get their creations from the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence …

Thus, the Englishman Matthew Manning, he said, supported otherworldly connection with Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Pablo Picasso and other great artists. In trance, the man drew a picture, which, in the opinion of specialists, no different from the canvases

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The Chinese are scared of strange calls from a nonexistent number


Many residents of the Chinese capital frightened night calls with chilling sounds to fixed phones. And, with a nonexistent number, the newspaper reported, "Xinjing Bao". At present, the police have complained of more than 200 people.

Concerned citizens calls several times a day, and it happens mostly after midnight. For instance, one resident of the capital's night had five times to remove the tube. At the other end of the line, he heard a baby crying and a woman, then a child's voice asking him for help, and before the call ended abruptly, the tube was

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