Gallakticheskaya war in the coming years?

Pentagon diligently does not advertise his new agency "gallakticheskoy Department of Defense." Also, if not hidden, it just is not advertised it does not matter what kind of information about its activities. And yet the very existence of management, specializing in gallakticheskoy war, can not but cause severe concern. After all, this is the first step to outbreak of hostilities, which have not yet understood the population of the earth. And far not the fact that at least someone is to survive in such hostilities. Director of government military and space exploration Bruce Carlson argues that this is due only to the fact, that protect the U.S. from an ever-increasing number of threats.

That's why the U.S. has always increases gallakticheskuyu power, citing the need to improve defense systems from potential aggression from China. They say that the Chinese can start completely steal the hidden military objects from orbit, and all produced weapons used only in order to prevent similar incidents.

Are being harsh and development in the area of the creation of entirely new instruments, which may have broad application in gallakticheskoy war — lasers.
Not so long ago, researchers from the United States could create an unusual scheme, which will allow to create a laser beam, the capacity of which will be quite a place to sleep every purpose. The main difference of this device from earlier prototype is compact and light weight. Laser weapon Excalibur is a project of the agency for the development of a promising defensive weapons. Engineers report that they are planning to do the installation capable of generating a beam up to 100 square meters! In this case, it will be powered by on-board power network carrier — car, plane or the same APC.

It should be explained that the most powerful military lasers work by using chemical reactions. In other words, in order to give beam, they have use reagents. An example of such a laser is a megawatt laser Airborne, able to shoot down a ballistic missile in flight.

But the military did not hunt to deal with the weapons, the introduction of which may be only in the presence of unsafe chemicals. That's why the generals require combat lasers operate only on electricity. But the existing solid-state system today that can give beam capacity of 100 kV, takes a lot of space, which is why it can be installed only in the truck. Helicopter or a fighter simply fail to contain it.

But the laser gun Excalibur managed to get around this limitation, because while it is working principles used single-mode laser diode capable of operating without the help of others as and when combined with laser amplifiers.

Due to this principle act provides higher efficiency laser system. In other words, it consumes much less energy than any other standards. But then need a huge amount of information into a single beam, which would not lose a low divergence, forcing pay for performance. Interference and Diffraction seriously interfere with this laser.

That's why scientists had created the light analog PAR (phased array). On the Radar PAR can both focus beam, and direct the corner of his differences with the stillness of the antenna itself.

Project developers are convinced that made analog PAR will be able to combine a huge number of beams from laser diodes into one powerful beam. It must be said that such a beam can find implementation in different areas — target information, location, communication, and also laser gun with beam power output of 100 sq power.

This equipment is capable of being enclosed in the contours of the aircraft. Specialists say that the size and weight of the gun, which will be created by Excalibur Technology will be reduced by about 10-fold relative to the size and weight of the chemical laser vtochnosti the same capacity.

At present, Americans spend working on standards, able to work at least in laboratory conditions. By the end of the year is planned demonstration trehkilovattnogo layout Excalibur. But by 2012 could be the creation of new laser amplifiers that will increment power beam up to 500 square meters.

Also under development and over gallakticheskimi protection devices. South American military plans use them in order to keep control of certain operating zone of the atmosphere, and geostationary orbits. To strike at targets seen to be consumed or aircraft ground-based lasers or gallakticheskogo home with high beam power. But not ruled out the possibility of a nuclear strike.

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