In the segment of professional radio committed serious technological breakthrough

The 14th World Congress on digital radio standard TETRA, saw a number of memorable events and product launches. Congress has shown great interest in innovative solutions for systems TETRA, stressed the urgency and relevance of services of professional radio communication in the modern world.

The focus of the event agenda were issues such as the use of standards in the transport and oil and gas industries, optimizing the use of frequency resources, development plans for mission-critical broadband communications, the development of "smart" network infrastructure. Among the innovative technologies provided by leading developers in the Congress, special interest was fundamentally new ideological solutions that integrate with the TETRA networks 3G/4G, as well as a platform to ensure smooth operation of various applications (such as databases or reporting). The main trends in the field of CPE has been the increased security, reliability and ease of use of devices, the improvement of their work on the premises.

"The last congress has once again demonstrated that the sector for the year made a major breakthrough, and TETRA — this is not" frozen "once and for all standard, while constantly evolving and flexible technology that meets today's challenges — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — In Russia, interest in the TETRA standard is also quite high. As the key features of Russian TETRA-making can note the use of Russian GLONASS satellite positioning technology that is relevant in the framework of national security. "

World Congress of the TETRA World Congress was held in May at the Dubai Exhibition Centre (United Arab Emirates) has taken place. The largest international industry event brought together more than 3,000 members and representatives of the professional community TETRA: developers and hardware vendors, operators, system integrators. 

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