Prazdnichek spring, love and beauty

In our days are, for sure, a lot of people do not remember the story of the appearance is that of prazdnichka, as the Eighth of March. It remains quite a little before the days when crowds of men will besiege flower shops, greedy flowers all in a row, to the last sprigs of mimosa. Romantic prazdnichek, when not only the men, and the ladies buy gifts, trying to amuse each other small souvenirs.

The history of celebrating this day or, which still referred to as "Women's Day" began in 1857 in New York, when the textile industry factory workers were demonstrating on the town into a symbol of protest against the terrible test of labor and low wages. The main purpose of the "march of empty pots," was the struggle for social rights and civilian women.

Spring Festival, love and beauty

A few years later, in 1910, Clara Zetkin, at the International Conference women — Socialist Women in Copenhagen, was invited to the celebration of internationality ladies day or on March 8, which assumed yummy all the ladies of the world in the struggle for equality, respect, peace. In Russia, this day were first celebrated in St. Petersburg in 1913. After the revolution of 1917 this became a municipal prazdnichek, and from 1965 — March 8, was a working day or not. Evenly International Ladies' day the country began to lose its political coloring, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union and finished just be that.

In these days of Eighth March — is prazdnichek beauty, romance, femininity. And the best gift this day — Note that confer similar, in the form of a bouquet of flowers. Bouquet On the eighth of March — touching, tenderly, eloquent words tell all about the feeling of love, affection, attention. Giving flowers, you can be sure that the people dear to you will be aware of your emotions and admiration. You can go to a flower shop and choose bouquet flowers. But there is another excellent output: the flowers can be ordered on the web. On special websites, Prof. florists will make a unique composition that is inimitable and unique in its own way. Also deliver flowers in a very suitable destination rather short period of time. For you, there are only pleasant chores — to present a bouquet of your loved one!

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