Security officers are interested in media, poetry Neklyaeva and benefits to entrepreneurs


In Gomel in the office of the regional organization of the movement "For Freedom", which is at the same time and edited online newspaper "strong news," the staff of the local KGB officers searched and seized two computer hard-drives, flash drives, DVD-ROMs and other storage media.

As the regional leader of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov, Senior Officer Andrei Melnikov showed the search warrant, which is made in the study criminal case of the riots on December 19 at the Independence Square in Minsk.

"It is particularly surprising statement about the exact zvestkak that in our office allegedly have the materials with calls to go to the area and there commit acts of violence — says Mr. Kuznetsov. — In fact, intelligence services tend to paralyze the work of community organizations and information resources that people do not had objective information. "

By car searched Pyotr Kuznetsov detained on his way to Rechitsa traffic police. They confiscated more than 5,000 leaflets, "I know!" About snezhanskiya events in Minsk. The report of detention in police department copied several times. On Jan. 18 scheduled trial in the Rechitsa District Court upon distribution of printed materials without imprint.

January 14 Rechitza local KGB officers raided a private home Oleg Shabetnik, entrepreneur and the coordinator of the campaign in the region of Vladimir Neklyaeva. They confiscated a collection of poetry Neklyaeva "Kon", a brochure Anatoly Lebedko "AL vs. AL" and benefit the entrepreneur in case of audits.

Mr Shabetnik Rechitsa security officers, three days after the call to the Gomel oblast KGB initially invited to a supposedly to talk, but showed an activist decision and took it home to do a search.

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