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During the First Chechen War left a lot of dramatic events, which eventually killed awkward and horrible deaths, injured, was mutilated body and spirit a huge amount of Russian fighter. By analyzing the known facts and eyewitness accounts, as well litsezrya measures taken by the leaders of our country and the armed forces to become very hard to convince myself that the main blame for what happened in those days is not on their conscience.

First spring of 1996 actually happened once two big defeats Russian forces. March 31 Nozhaj-Yurt district of Chechnya, near the village of Benoy was shot column paratroopers from the 104th Division on their way to the administrative center Vedeno. There were many dead, the wounded and more than a fighter. It seemed the army command will make the appropriate conclusions …. But on April 16 militants struck again, to be back to their very best. In the Grozny district of the Chechen Republic to the north of the village of Yarysh-Mardy Shatoysky gunmen stormed a convoy of the 245th infantry regiment. Quest, to be exact carnage carnage lasted about 4 hours, until such time as Gelaev Khattab and his men are not free to leave the position. The results of the battle terrorists shot on videotape. It now can be found in the pages of the web.
Moving away from the usual format of articles, we will try to convey is going on in that day madness and chaos of the words of eyewitnesses ….

Noting April 14, Easter Sunday, at the central base of the 245th infantry regiment organized another column at Chatou. She was supposed to bring a youthful replenishment, as the material and technical resources for the needs of the military. On Monday April fifteenth column without interference reached Khankala and braked there for the night. That same night, coming up militias organized an ambush near the village of Yarysh-Mardy. In over 2-km along the route they were built more than 20 fire positions. Prepared ammunition depots, installed on the road mines. The number of Chechen separatists according to various estimates ranged from eighty to one hundred and sixty.

On Tuesday afternoon, was brought forward from Khankala federal forces had established activities when moving column. Reconnaissance company looking after the Argun gorge and artillerymen have made contact with their counterparts from the 324th Regiment. After that column hit the road.

From the memoirs of a sniper Denis Barber: "We had one sign — if the road across men, ladies and kids, it's all right. If some ladies, it is expected an ambush. So here we were on that day came across some women and children. "

After passing the village of Dacha-Borzoi, in 2-hours local time day or convoy reached the village Yarysh-Mardy, stretched out on a narrow mountain streamer. The length of the column, as it turned out only later, was almost one and a half kilometers. Sounded when the first shots of her head part disappeared behind another turn in the road, and the rear was over a bridge across the narrow channel of the river Argun.

Denis Barber: "We were driving, were in charge of funny stories. Everyone was quiet. Here, here and there was an explosion in front of the column. Have seen, both because of mound thrown turret. Later thundered second explosion. The third was already in front of our nalivnikom. (Nalivnik — is fuel truck. Nalivniki The column has always been the main goal of militants. Led nalivnik among one of the most heroic professions. Here and further notes creator). The explosion blew off the hood and knocked the glass. I was shell-shocked and I got confused in the door handles. When he was able to get out of the cab, immediately ran to fifteen meters, found some kind of a hole in the side and put back there. Fire was very tight. When was the first shock was to follow as things stand. "

It all started after the tank is equipped with a trawl, the head of the column, was blown up by a mine high-power, equipment remote control. Another bomb was later found in the tail of the column, but it fortunately did not load. In general, on the road from the site of the attack and to Shatoi for the next day found seven pieces of unexploded land mines. As the tank was neutralized, hidden on both sides of the gorge gunmen opened fire. Machine gunners, machine gunners and snipers thrashed the column. In our fighter flew grenades and mines. Tank going to the tail of the column, got a few hits from the Grenade Launcher. But only after he struck the tower, he began to retreat back to renting. So Makarov, he was able to get out of combat.

In the words of Sergeant Igor Izotov: "I was in the 3rd truck. With the explosion of the tank head instinctively ducked, and at this time of machine-gun fire pierced the windshield. From our "Ural" all quickly jumped out, firing at random. I squeeze in between the mountains and the front BMP. It's me and a few guys got the best of life. The remaining less lucky. Our sniper machine gun smote both legs. He yelled, covering shooting, krovischi was the sea, from the wounds sticking scraps of bone and tendon. We dragged him, and he always tried to grab me by the hair, as if trying to stay in this world. Later, he died. "

Bandits planned everything well. Marching behind a tank and infantry fighting vehicles BRDM (armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle), were shot at point-blank shooting guns in the first Minutka fight. Died Senior Major Terzovets columns and artillery spotter captain Vyatkin. Sniper shots ended the life of the driver and spotter aircraft reconnaissance vehicle. Column in one moment was, cut off from the outside world, without the support of aviation and artillery. On the VHF radio spectrum Chechen rebels was put jammer that absolutely deprived of fighters due to the command. With the advance of prepared emplacements, located at a height on both sides of the road, the bandits dagger fire for a few hours destroying the equipment and personnel of the regiment.

Vorachivayas to the story of a contractor Dennis Barber: "grenade flew past me and hit the nalivnik, who was driving behind us. Nalivnik lit. I figured that when it explodes, there will be very hot. Packed up and crossed the road, hidden behind concrete blocks at the bridge. That's how I lay there and thought, which has got to command. And around smoke, explosions, chaotic shooting. In sight can not see anything. Next five-foot flowing river burning kerosene. From its flame was unbearably hot. Saw as a "Ural" began to explode near the charges for ACS. Behind him was burning more one "Ural" with explosive shells, which fortunately did not detonate fully. Their explosion scatters in all directions. Suddenly something exploded in the car, and a rear axle spark flew up to eighty feet. "

The soldiers burned alive, without having to get out of the shelled "Bumblebee" (single jet flame throwers Russian production) machines.

The soldiers, who were traveling on the bags of food, immediately became a good target of bandits. A huge number of vehicles with fuel in the column also played into the hands of the enemy. Exploding, they destroyed everything around him alive, scatters everywhere burning fuel. Shell-shocked soldier, trying to get out of the way, finished off by snipers. Trucks carrying ammunition militants destroyed an RPG, and those who were driven products, fired from small guns.

From th
e story of senior warrant officer Sergei Cherchik: "disturbed and here the bullet hit my heel. "Dukhovsky" sniper, of course, realize that I'm alive. I managed to crawl under the car, the machine will not quit, fibers behind. A sniper opened fire at the wheels, so that machine, settling, I was crushed. Near the bursting shell fired from a grenade launcher, a splinter hit me in the thigh. I lie, I can not think of anything, and the bridge and look to the car crushed. The last time a contractor pulled me by the collar. Appliances all in flames, burning diesel fuel dripping from above. Sniper takes out a fighter, he interrupts the kneecap. After a moment, we have two drags the other soldiers of.

Lucky to those in the first battle Minutka could find dead zones where Chechen rebels could not reach. Many of the soldiers jumped from the highest cliff in a dried river, escaping from enemy bullets. The next day the scouts are combing the gorge and inspect the coast of Argun, found their bodies. Some tried to hide from fire under vehicles. And there they were taken out by snipers. Where the Chechen separatists could not get into our fighter straight, they fired the rebound. One group of fighters escaped by hiding in a drainage pipe under the road, and the other was able to run back and take a position in the foundation of a house under construction, located near.

And again from the notes Dennis Barber: "When the smoke cleared, I began to find the target. I saw a sight as one and a half meters away from us Sotk fumbling "dushara." Took it off the first time. Shot another 1st next, but not sure what killed him. The bullet hit the parapet behind which he hid at his chest. But the "spirit" was lost. Again began to look through the scope. On a shoal of them "by 4 bones" crawl back up the hill. The first shot in the milk. He immediately began to move faster, but did not have time to escape. Second, as if the kick in the ass, threw it over her head. "

After the command of the 245th infantry regiment found out about the attack on the convoy, was ordered … not solve anything to instructions from above. Exclusively at the beginning of the fourth (local time), it is available to make its way to the column. The first reconnaissance fighters moved that blocked the Argun Gorge. Scouts were few, and near the village of Yarysh-Mardy fighters met them. Pressed heavy fire, the guys have not been able to come to the place of the main bout. After another hour of managing the federal forces in the region has made the latest attempt to please release the ambushed convoy. She was sent to the aid of armored group of lieutenant colonel Miroshnichenko, a former commander of the second infantry battalion of the 245th Regiment. It consisted of a 2-tanks and 3 infantry fighting vehicles. Despite the fact that the armored group also came under fire, she managed to break through and get to the place of battle.

Sergei Cherchik word: "Again, we lay under the bottom three of the machine. The cartridges all over, well, my machine crashed — two bullets caught in the bolt carrier. From the mountain often shouted, "Give it up, Russian." While there was smoke, and we could not be seen, no one is shot. Smoke was — again began to shoot. The explosion of a grenade launcher, thank God, is not got. No one then not placed his hopes that remains alive. I took the grenade pin straightened. Decided, if anything, I pull. If only the prisoner did not get. And so the soul crushes, such sorrow … For that suffer … At one point in such a violent explosion. My head buzzed all, ringing in the ears. It appears this is ammunition exploded in the burning next to the BMP. We were under the car rolled helmet. Then came silence. And later flew our turntables! Two things I beheld himself. At first, they were high, but later came down and started hitting missiles in the mountains. And later, the artillery of the 324th Regiment joined. "

At six o'clock in the evening armored group Miroshnichenko, firing height of the adjacent infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, approached the convoy. The personnel of the immediately began to evacuate the wounded. About this time came armored group of 324 th Regiment, and together with it the rinky-dink militants squad scouts. Goyskoe drove out of the village for 5 BMP sixth motorized infantry company. But by this time the fight is already over, and the troops of Chechen militants fled the scene.

Denis Barber: "I decided to get out of this hell, moved to the" brilliant green ". Distributed with fellow sectors of fire. I drove the fire on the front and rear covered it … It was dark, and still no help. At this point, I think, "spirits" come down and everyone will go nuts. It earned artillery, so neatly on the slopes, not touching either side, nor us. Later came four Mi-24 shot out of the mountains. It was dark when by the 324 th Regiment strshny we heard thunder. Revenue rolled up. In front of the tank, followed by infantry fighting vehicles, tank again later. With this technique, a lot of people povyskakivali — Exploration 324 th. Together with them, we moved to the head of the column. As I walked, figured more than forty scorched bodies. After the first inspection technique warped it appeared that the spirits had a clear picture of where and what we are. Honey MT-LB (light armored multipurpose transporter), they generally are not touched, only the mechanics shot dead and ZUshku him turned into a sieve. When we asked why the revenue came so late, the men of the 324th Regiment was told that was the order of his superiors not to twitch and move on. At the head of the column to resist one last BRDM, in which almost all were killed. If the aid has come early, then maybe there were more survivors. "

In passages movie gangsters, finished shooting, According to experts, for the sponsors, you can behold the bedrooms, a broken and inverted technique destroyed the tower. Armed militants are very happy, they were talking loudly and posing on the broken vehicles. In the cell is inverted BPM, next to him, "Ural", capsized on its side, followed by another and another. In the river is shot BMP, scorched around the truck scattered bread …

Sergeant Igor Izotov: "The smell on the battlefield was sickening. When I returned to the scorched "Ural", then immediately sought out his own friend's earrings. Yet again, hiding behind a rock, I beheld, as he ran for cover. First of all he smote his feet, the second I beg your torso. In a turbidity I tried to find a pulse on the bloody Seregina body. Woke up when I was pushed in the back. I drove up loaded the corpse into the "Ural" and only then looked around. Other survivors also find friends and acquaintances. Someone with all this terrible cursing obscenities, someone shouted overwrought, 1st fighter vomited when removed mutilated, burned body tanker. All had gone wild nightmare … ".

Officially, the convoy was the least sensitive 2-hundred people, but there were unaccounted-muster conscripts and soldiers are sent home to family incidents. In addition to the battle on the side of the federal forces took the role of civilian persons who accompanied the convoy, joining in human pt. Later, it was very difficult to calculate the precise number of those killed, which according to various estimates vary from 73 to 95 people. Any one of them died in their own way. Someone at one time, in the first seconds of the fight, someone on the roadside
near the exploding cars, firing until the last round, someone burning alive in trucks. Most of the corpses burned almost completely. People are recognized for socks, pieces of papers, personal numbers. Find out the person on the spot about 3 x 10-s men could not. Their bodies have been sent to a special laboratory in Rostov on Don. Fifty people were injured, but survived the battle unscathed absolutely only thirteen fighter. And all who are lucky to survive, recognized that it was, for sure, the worst day of their lives …

As the number of destroyed equipment differences less — one tank, 6 infantry fighting vehicles, one reconnaissance and patrol vehicle, about 14 trucks. Loss of militants remained unknown, but in the following days of the districts were found seven bodies belonging to residents Shatoysky district.

Sergei Cherchik described the rescue operation, "How much time has passed since the beginning of the attack — do not know. When were the first soldiers from our 324 th Regiment, it was already dark. Honey "motolygu" column militants shot down for some reason. And us, the wounded began to gather and lay in it. Inside the fit six or eight. Dead put on the armor. In the cab sat a unknown fighter, was "motolygu" expand, driven off the clock, but road was very narrow. The machine hangs over the precipice. I remember the time to imagine that this is not survived. All those killed on top, 10-15 people, fell down in Argun. Later, the driver swerved all the same, put the car on the road. "

According to official data, the use of artillery, 245th infantry regiment began at 16:00 and 324th regiment opened fire at 5pm. Gunners of the 245th Regiment, April 16, spent 669 shells, 324 th Regiment — 332 projectile. April 17 in order to evacuate the rest of the base center creased technology and clear the track under the regimental commander, Colonel Romanikhin went to another armored group. Location of the battle looked scared. Flame has unyalos and cars in the convoy were covered with soot and burnt to ashes, like ghosts.

Artillery commander of the 245th Motorized Rifle Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Kramchenkov was also in that raid, "We came early in the morning, but the" spirits "are expected. It was a fog that masked us. This allowed a more or less quietly remove scorched appliances. Whatever else might be needed, we evacuated, the rest is pushed into the abyss. Immediately find the bodies. All were burnt. All wrapped in foil and taken to the base camp of the regiment. "

On the fact of militant attacks on the convoy Khattab 245th infantry regiment in Yarysh-Mardy was a formal investigation. By mind-boggling naivete (or negligence) of our control after the conclusion of the agreement on the prohibition of hostilities and the long absence of attacks in the region, all the roadblocks were removed and the care of the federal forces had fallen markedly. Already on the march 245th Motor Rifle regiment behaved very careless in not organizing a walking tribute to properly explore the road and Surrounding areas, which are likely to have been able to find a pre-set bombs militants. There was also no air cover. In a potentially unsafe Fri been exhibited side guard outposts profitable heights near the route of movement is not involved. Only later, after the start of the battle, the command for some unknown reasons, very long drawn with a resolution of an artillery barrage. In general the "why" in the process of investigating the circumstances of the incident appeared very many. For example, why not give fit to advance to the rescue is near armored group that would distract the militants and cut their lines of retreat. Why helicopters came so late? Why roadblocks 324th Regiment near the village of Yarysh-Mardy have been removed from the closely spaced heights almost a couple of days earlier?

The militants are not just chosen the place for an ambush. They knew about signed on 4 April 1996 the peace treaty between the authorities of the village Yarysh-Mardy and command of the federal troops. Did they know that the village Yarysh-Mardy located at the limit of maximum range of fire artillery. It turns out that they knew the Chechen separatists suspicious lot, but the results of the counter-intelligence general public were not disclosed. But the investigation into the shooting of a column of the 245th regiment was soon discontinued. Guilty in the case and did not find him. Khattab and Gela were later destroyed.

The children who died on that fateful day, the never-ending memory!

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