The aliens live on the floor below

Sometimes quite personal perfume dungeons come in contact with people. Reason to assume that UFOs visiting our planet come from distant galaxies.
As researchers found, in some cases, aliens properly be called "podplanetyanami" because, apparently, they live very close — below us, in the depths of the Earth …

In 2007, a group of five cavers explored one of the Crimean caves. Engineer Sukhotin lung ailments due to remain in an intermediate camp at a depth of about 300 meters. If you are going to eat, he lit a candle, took food, and then headed into the far corner, where the slight noise of the wall running down a small waterfall to get water. Flashlight he brought with him, but did not light, saving battery. Typing in a pot of water, Sukhotin turned and stood in stunned silence: they abandoned near a makeshift table with a burning candle, gathered in a circle a few strange creatures resembling monkeys, covered with long hair. In the dark, could not see, they sit on the cave floor or stand — a candle lit only by the upper torso.

Making towards intruders few uncertain steps, caver clanged pot. Beings together turned to his side of the face with large dark eyes hollows. After that, a man lit a torch in his hand. In the next instant, in a cone of light was empty …

"The beginning of bugs" — decided Sukhotin. But when he came to the table to find that all products, including a packet of tea, disappeared …

There seems to be occasionally found in the underground passages and caves of the Leningrad region. Here, for example, a small excerpt from the book known Gatchina caver Paul Miroshnichenko "Legend of the LFA":

"Going into the cave, he kept shaking himself from the sand, then clean shovel. When finished cleaning, he looked at us and said,

— Do you know what Shubin?

— Shubin?

— Shubin, but in small letters.

This was said with a sinister tone that I snuck frost. According to the stories of miners, is the one who arranges collapses in mines and quarries, and is in the form of an old man, dressed in a fur coat. "

They have big dark eyes

In the late 60's of the last century a certain Dan Henriksson went with friends to hike in the mountains. Behind the squad, he said on the sidelines two human figures. Henrickson was evident that they were "what? Then strange": pale face, black overalls, jumping gait and "empty, lifeless eyes." Approached the young man, these people demanded that he went with them. Dan refused and tried to run away, but I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. His vision was swimming, and he began to lose consciousness. But something? That his memory still preserved. He came to himself in a dark room. Moved around the strange creatures. Dan remembered that they had a huge black eye and tetradigitate hands. Then came another loss of consciousness.

Woke the young man next to a small cave, struggled to his feet and shouts called for help. People who came were the police, who for three days at the request of friends tried unsuccessfully to find the missing Dan Henriksson.

The young man was taken to the hospital, the story is extremely interested journalists and ufologists. Everyone was sure that Henriksson was kidnapped by aliens. True, the "victim" stated that he had a feeling that he was "somewhere under the ground."

Deeper and deeper — into the abyss

In 1980, off the coast of California using sonar under the ocean floor was found a huge cavity. After questioning the sailors, researchers discovered that in this place there are at the bottom of the mysterious glow, and the crews of submarines hear strange noises resembling buzz and hum.

Later, one of the California newspaper published an interview with a former submarine commander John Williams. According to him, he once observed off the coast of California, a strange object, which "separated from the bottom and at top speed went up to the surface of the ocean." It resembled an enormous horseshoe, the edges of which the light small fires.

The nuclear tests conducted at the famous site in Nevada, once turned into an unexpected quarter: the bomb was detonated deep underground, and two hours in Canada, one of the military bases, recorded radiation levels exceeding the normal 20 times!

It turned out that a number of Canadian military base is the so-called "underground cave" well known cavers. Apparently, it is part of a huge underground cave systems and other cavities.

According to one member of the Geological Society of America, Samuel Kern, "only a negligible part of all existing underground caves described and mapped."

According to the Christian religious tradition, underground world populated by a variety of demons and evil spirits. Like it or not, It is not established, but their underground secret is in many nations. For example, in Mexico there is a mysterious cave Sota de las Golondrinas. This is a real chasm, the bottom of which is a maze of different "rooms", "transition" and "tunnels", diverging at kilometer depths in different directions. Local residents fear the wild this place, calling it "the abode of spirits."

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