The tasks of the labor legislation

The problems of labor legislationNow anyone who starts looking for work, should know that it is not necessarily attack the city and county employment centers. In order to familiarize the vacancies can be just a couple of minutes to sit on the Web at specialized websites. If you are going to find work in Ukraine, then in any search engine you can simply enter a phrase or work Kiev work in Ukraine, and the display of your computer or phone will display a list of Web sites that provide information services relating to labor for a variety of professions.

Now in almost all the towns of Ukraine works with your job search situation is quite difficult. There is so called dumping the problem when large settlements adjacent arrive citizens of Moldova or migrant workers from Central Asia. Where the Ukrainian is not ready to work for the proposed fee, guest workers agree to work for the proposed facilities. This hitch with job search now concerns not only Ukraine, and other countries. Our home also can not determine with what solutions to the problem of jobs to use, and what role in all of this have to take for migrant workers. With all this hitch lies not so much in the labor migrants themselves, but in the fact that they often live in areas of the country is completely illegal and illegally make certain works. A unless work produced illegally, that therefore no revenue to the treasury not wait.

Now the issue with the development of labor law in terms of the regulation of migrant workers is very serious.

If we talk about the Ukraine, many of the citizens of this country must themselves be transformed into guest workers. Ukrainian nurse for the baby in the family of the capital — it is, rather, the norm than the exception to the rule. Ukrainian people work in the same Moscow is often used, as it is estimated less than the work of the Russians. It is on hand to employers, but it is not the hand of those Russians who themselves would want to work on the very busy place.

In the end, the situation in the field of job search in adjacent countries now looks more than daunting. Europe, by the way, is also beginning to reap the benefits of mass labor movement, which at first was seen as a panacea for the economy, and later turned into a severe social problem of.

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