The village Nizhnekamenka Altai region opened a school

On Friday, August 31, the students sat Nizhnekamenka Altai Altai Region came to the solemn line in honor of the beginning of the school year in the new school. More than one and a half years of construction workers were building a modern building, designed for 360 students. During the construction it was important to take into account the special circumstance — a new school is in areas classified as special seismically unsafe, there are earthquakes up to 7 points.   In just seven years in the Altai region built or renovated 92 schools, including 73 villages, that last year alone there were seven. When we talk about the modern school, we mean not only a new building, but modern information technology that rivals what we have in the schools of the capital and major cities. Appreciate it and cherish his new school "- appealed to those present head of the region. Governor Alexander Karlin congratulated the first-graders and students with the beginning of the school year, and builders — to the end of construction. 
Note that the old one-story building Nizhnekamsk school built in 1963 was in poor condition. And it was originally constructed with deviations from the rules and regulations of all — there was no cap, lay on the ground floor, there was a dining room, assembly and sports halls, warm bath. As part of the Governor of the "75×75" in the school of computer equipped classrooms, equipped gymnasium and auditorium.

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