With UAV Chinese want to keep control of the Asia-Pacific region

With the Chinese are going to control the UAV Asia-Pacific region

Apparently, the Chinese heavy drone «HQ-4 Xianglong» can start full-scale flight tests. To evaluate the significance of this action to the Chinese Air Force is not difficult, if you take into account that «Xianglong» — South American analog UAV «RQ-4 Global Hawk». South american UAV is still listed as a unique and unparalleled airplane that can produce long-term observation and intercontinental flights.

As the video shows, held at the Chinese air base in Chengdu, in the first test flights «HQ-4 Xianglong» well prepared. Chinese UAV different from his own South American counterpart «RQ-4" modernized unit, combining inside the wing and the back-swept plain.

Equip «Xianglong» a jet engine, which is placed at the top of the fuselage. By this it is similar to south american «Global Hawk». Chinese Take-off weight of 7.5 tons. He is able to take on board the need to ship up to 650 kg, for all that it achieves cruising speed of 750 km / h The flight distance is 7000 km. «Xianglong» will be able to climb up to 20 km and in the criteria for creating real-time monitoring of the entire Pacific coast.

The unique design of the wing «HQ-4 Xianglong» to reduce its scope.

Provided that China will be put into operation «HQ-4 Xianglong», is an Asian government becomes the second country in the world, which will be able to carry out in vast areas of strategic unmanned reconnaissance. So Makar, China will get a significant strategic and military an advantage due to their own significant situational awareness and ability to carry out the criteria for real-time observation of remote objects. Technical features «HQ-4 Xianglong» not allow him to do the job on a global scale, but the new Chinese UAV will be able to spend an extended surveillance in the Pacific and Asian regions.

«HQ-4" potentially able to fill the hole in the guidance system of Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles, which are being intensively developed in China for the purpose of reciprocal step enemy aircraft carriers.

Development «HQ-4 Xianglong» engaged «Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute» and «Guizhou Aviation Group». «Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute» became known as the developer of the Chinese counterpart South American drone «Predator».

New UAV was first shown to the public at the air show in Zhuhai in 2006.

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