TsAGI studied krupnorazmernoj polumodeli MS-21

In the transonic wind tunnel of TsAGI T-128 performed a series of tests of large size polumodeli MS-21. These studies can clarify the aircraft aerodynamic characteristics at different operating modes including modes of entry and landing. To do this, the wing structure was provided polumodeli deviation across the runway mechanization.

Along with working landing mechanization TsAGI scientists investigated the effects of adverse climatic conditions on the flow around the wing.

The use of large-scale polumodeley is due, above all, the desire to maximize the linear dimensions of the model for the work of

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Knows the Marine Corps Lt. Col. AM Lebedev:

— In February 2003, the battalion task force, marine brigade of the Caspian Flotilla was doing battle tasks in the mountainous group of our forces in the Vedeno District of Chechnya. Basis of the group was a separate battalion of marines, which I then commanded.

In the 20 days of February, we received an order to change the location of the base camp. After a painstaking investigation and comprehensive support group made a march between the villages of Dyshne-Vedeno and Jani-Vedeno. Jani-Vedeno village could be called only conditionally: the inhabitants of

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TsAGI tests of the model MS-21-200 at high angles of attack, and in a spin

TsAGI specialists completed a series of tests of the model MS-21-200.

Dynamically similar model of MS-21-200 cruise, take-off and landing configurations, with all sorts of options and different combinations of load deflection of controls has been designed and manufactured in TsAGI to order of "Irkut". Tests of the model at high angles of attack, and in a free bottle opener held in a vertical wind tunnel T-105 TsAGI. In the course of the experiments measured the weight of the aerodynamic forces and moments acting on the stationary and rotating at a constant rate model. TsAGI specialists determined the

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International Commission of the House of Representatives led by Karpenko


Igor Karpenko

From today, the new chairman of the Committee on International Affairs and CIS Relations was Igor Karpenko. During his election voted 101 out of 104 MPs.

The chairmanship of the commission became vacant after, asSergei Maskevitch appointed Minister of Education. Igor Karpenko was at the time one of his five deputies.

During the last presidential election Mr. Karpenko led the Minsk city Election Commission.



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The destruction of the Soviet Union

It's clear that the Soviet Union was going to die has long since. Circumstances can be called a lot of — authoritarian countries monocentrism decision-making, the country's inability to meet the demands of the population, the continued gap in living standards of advanced countries of the West, and by the end, the bad samples of reforming the political and economic systems, which, in fact, led to the collapse of most .We present to you photos of the last few months of the existence of the Union.

1. People get a cup in a shop in the center of Vilnius April

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TsAGI confirmed the compliance of the strength of the fuselage SSJ100 additional requirements of EASA

 Photo source:skill.ru

November 3, 2011, Moscow — Tests carried out by TsAGI in late October 2011, confirmed experimentally that the static strength of the fuselage SSJ100 (RRJ-95B) under c aviation rules CS-25, the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. An additional certification static testing of internal overpressure has been subjected to a pressurized cockpit fuselage prototype aircraft MSN 95002. The fuselage broke hundred percent rated load, which is almost twice operational. The tests confirmed the compliance of the SSJ100 additional requirements of EASA to static strength.

"The results of these tests are necessary for the timely preparation of the

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In Moscow recorded temperature record

On Saturday, October 8, in Moscow, a temperature record of the day. Reported by the Metropolitan Met Office. "At 14:00 on the base station VDNH the thermometer stood at 20 degrees, which is higher than the previous record of 0.4 degrees," — said the weather service. Representatives of the Ministry also noted that the temperature is not final. "The new absolute maximum 8 October will be known only tomorrow," — said forecasters. The previous record temperature for the day was set in 1974, when the air in the capital warmed to 19.6 degrees Celsius, reminds ITAR-TASS.

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Gone was the Young Vladimir Eremenok

Society As the mfront.net, the Young Vladimir Eremenok had to be released on January 26th in the 20 hours from the Center for isolation of offenders in the alley Akrestin.

Center staff isolated reports that Vladimir was released, but the lawyer and friends may not know where he is, and now his whereabouts are unknown.

Vladimir Eremenok left for 7 days for taking part in the action on December 19. On the administrative arrest he was after a visit to the KGB, where he was forcibly taken in for questioning as a witness on riots. Prior to this,

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Storm killed the guy in the Rivne region (video)

In the Rivne region during bad weather raging storm killed 28-year-old boy. Another tree fell one man — he is in the hospital.

According METEOPROG. with reference to the Assistant Head of the Ministry of Emergencies in Rivne region Victor Kozak, in the area near the village of Dubrovitskaya Zasluche while mowing grass was fatally injured by lightning unemployed local Vitali 1983.

Also, during the day as a result of lightning strikes in the private sector, four fire broke out.

In general, last night, from 26 to 27 July, more than 300 communities in nine

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At the coast of Lincolnshire bred monster

August 20, 2012 9:18

The British began frankly afraid of swimming in the North Sea, especially at one of the resorts. After all, in the body of water was seen terrible animal. Eyewitnesses claim that the successor of the Loch Ness monster.

And it has appeared recently. A resident of London provided all interesting video, filmed on camera. Mystery creature lives on the shores of Lincolnshire, which belongs to the category of the resort. While viewing the image in the eye is drawn to the animal, which has in its structure a few fins. And next to

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