African school pupils massively observed UFOs and alien


September 14, 1985 in several newspapers Zimbabwe published articles about unidentified flying objects that have been seen in the sky of the country at the time.

And after only two days in the town Ruva, which is only 20 km from the capital, Harare, just 62 students in private secondary schools between the ages of 5 and 12 years was observed in the sky above the home school (there was a big change) bright spherical object, which were manufactured in the sky most intricate pirouettes.

Students and teachers watched the spectacle, as if bewitched. This spherical device circled around the school building until it landed 30 meters from the building. From it came out almost immediately a man with long black hair, the same dark eyes and an increase of about 90 cm man did not look aggressive or angry. His appearance and manners were given good intentions. The stranger stood for a moment in the aircraft, and then headed towards the crowd hushed children.

One of the figures of the schoolboy Ruvy

At this time, all the teachers were in a special briefing at the school when deciding how to act in this particular case, but because the children no one even looked after. And as long as the stranger walked toward children, an incredible event happened. The stranger disappeared from sight literally in mid-stride, and then reappeared, but at the very top of a spherical UFO. The alien as if read fright in the eyes of their children and decided not to injure his presence. For some time he was watching the children, and then walked down the ramp into the machine, which immediately soared into the sky at breakneck speed and sped up to the clouds.

The children were fascinated and frightened. Many thought it was the demons came down from heaven to take them back to hell, as described in the African legends. Behind all this there is only one adult man — the driver of the car that brought to school products. The driver was sitting in the cab, which stood at the gate of the school, and could not believe my eyes. By the way, his daughter was in the yard among students of the same school.

More pictures of schoolchildren

The director of the school soon phoned to respected scholar Cynthia Hind and told her what had happened. Hynde, with the consent of the parents of students, especially children gathered in the hall and ask in detail about each of them about the state of emergency and asked them to draw a UFO himself. In her hands was 35 drawings of children — witness this unique event.

The oldest of the students claimed that the stranger gave her a look with the following information: "You have a very beautiful and unusual planet. But she was terribly contaminated. You should be more careful to treat her, otherwise she will avenge you. "

Cynthia Hind and other experts, ufologists have recognized the case is unique and at the same time realistic. It is very difficult to speak the truth and make all sorts of inventions immediately 62 people early school age. By the way, many of them expressed a desire to take the oath on the Bible that tell the truth.

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