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Svetelka Mountain is known as the "place of power." And the mountain Svetelku compared with the English Stonehenge. And here's why. As on that ancient grandiose construction over Svetelkoy can often observe various anomalous phenomena and UFOs. As the famous British megalith, Svetelka draws from all over Russia esoteric, representing all schools and trends. For the construction of Stonehenge used blue stones. The stones of a color found in many ancient religious centers. There they are on Svetelke. People climbing on it, sometimes quite unconsciously, with a prihvatyvayut stones from the path. Polished natural (or man-made?), And even pink shades in the form of figures of animals, hearts, as if they are offered the earth itself: take it and carry it! And climbing up the mountain, the people of the ancient rite make wishes.

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Along the route, "Volga Cliff" — Mount Svetelka — Rock White Stone — ravine Goblin — Settlement — Shamanic clearing the fault does pass two geological plates, through which knocked out a sheaf of powerful geomagnetic radiation, which actively influences on man and restores it.

Svetelka is known as the "seat of power", equal in power to Stonehenge and even surpasses the Maya pyramid. Climbing Svetelku need to pick up a sleek, polished stone of any shape and size. Desire to Svetelke you can make a different in the success, the money for Love and beauty, to health. In fact in itself is a healthy person, the negative information that is present in a person destroys its structure, giving access to disease. People who bear the damage or the evil eye, or if the old love you already got and bring pleasure also to get rid Svetelke.

Svetelka constantly draws from all over Russia esoteric, scientists, and all those who seek power and strength.

From the peaks of the mountains Svetelki Dragon can get to the shamanic clearing. On Shamanic glade lay before the ritual circle of 12 stones with Slavic runes and signs of the zodiac, the stones were arranged in accordance with the parties of the world. But the stones were gone, apparently stolen by giving to the foundation. But the stones can join by intuition. Until now, the Shamanic Polyana good sorting on negatives, you can remove negative cell negativity and take useful.

There is a well-established women's magic, by which women are many times increasing women's power, so that you can easily insert individual of the opposite sex to the fullest. On Shamanic Glade important to go through the whole range and to mobilize the forces inherent in this place of power. It is also very important to the adoption of the new information and new energy to get rid of the old one. Therefore, we must first come to Aspen and to give all their negativity, and instead taken warrior energy, the energy of the all-seeing.

Ravine devil secure area of white stone and settlement. But walking through the ravine devil, people constantly fools and "buggy" and constantly losing direction. Kavalets Vladimir, project manager esoteric, extreme, adventure and health tourism, said many cases that happened to him and the group in the transition Gully Goblin.

The fact is that, passing through the ravine Goblin you can easily get into a parallel world, the key to which is a pure and beautiful voice. It turns out that you can go through a ravine in 12 minutes, but you can for 3:00. One day Vladimir waiting journalists, as he and a group could not get out of the Goblin Gully. One young man, wandered into a ravine three days wandered, went completely gray and all questions were answered only, "I'm not going there!". Another time there was a storm cloud in the sky and chased a group of tourists along the ravine.
Also in the Gully Goblin duty perfume different gods. According to the stories of Vladimir earlier ravine guarded by three kings of the god Veles. And as the god Veles is the patron saint of cattle, there is no one horse could not pass, the horses just went crazy.

Walking on the site of a ravine Goblin, you need a steep climb, as the Castle is at the top. Vladimir proposed to close the circle of power and move into a state of relaxation in the group finally climbed the mountain without making a recovery. But back to the ritual of making and forget the ravines were chosen with great difficulty.

Ancient settlement is the final step for the initiated. With what energy you have come to the Settlement, then intensify. Long ago, people lived here, and the priests of higher initiations that came from the mountain Kaylos and White Magi, who had great power. Even before the revolution, people have seen a mirage over the mound of the ancient city.
Stalin's GPU squad discovered a cave here, overlapping metal door. Cave vaulted type, in which there was a huge hangar, and they kept ice cubes, missed first trimester abortion with the ancient animals. Then the cave was walled up, and the garrison destroyed. And every time, Vladimir leads the group in Castle, he asks: "What is under us, what do you feel?" And if there are people in the group, have the gift of clairvoyance, just feel the shape of the cave and where its input. All those who seek power and want to buy it here by seeking an ulterior motive to these places now heavily guarded?

Scala White Stone is a place male and female power, bestowing good luck in the men's and women's victories. The stone itself looks like a sign of beats, which means good luck, pleasure, satisfaction. The white stone has a lot of energy useful for enhancing male potency and female magic and charm. Improves metabolism, freshens skin and cleared, the figure takes on a more feminine shape. Instead of fear and insecurity appears tenderness and charm.

Author: Olga

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