Astrologers of a solar eclipse: Born to become leaders in eclipse


Nicholas Pantelemon, astrologer "starry sky" shared his thoughts with journalists from the newspaper "cookie-Express" about the solar eclipse and its effect on the person:

— Highly sensitive people are starting to feel the approach of the eclipse for 10 days. Appear inexplicable anxiety, unstable emotional state, even hallucinations. The eclipse — this time, insight, discovery, insight, a breakthrough in the beyond. Although, if a person can not be surprised, you will never be able to create something new and unique. Solar eclipse has a greater impact on men, moon — on women. The sun influences the will of man, Moon — the emotions. A solar eclipse is pushing for action, lunar — to comprehend. Now the sun is in Leo, so the representatives of this zodiac sign more than others will be exposed to the eclipse. They are waiting for a big change.

During the eclipse increases the risk of acute cardiovascular disease — heart attacks, strokes, etc. Animals during an eclipse fear and begin to behave inappropriately — hide, whine, howl … Fish can jump out of the aquarium, the horses stand up on its hind legs.

For two minutes, during which time the eclipse will last, chaos, disharmony. I would like to warn all the extreme, making love in the time of an eclipse can not. Love, the merger of the two bodies — the harmony, the eclipse — it's chaos. In what good it will not. During the eclipse, it is only necessary to create, watch. But after that comes the most favorable time for new cases beginnings. As said by many magicians, after the eclipse, the sky opened and the future is very clear.

People born in the eclipse, endowed with leadership qualities. They are the directors, generals, etc. A striking example — Karl Marx, whose name went down in history.

For more details on this topic read the material in the latest issue of the newspaper "cookie-Express."

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