Cannon — Survillo Canada remains committed to the democratization of Belarus

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has assured the BNR Rada Chairman Ivonka Survillo intention to contribute to the democratization of Belarus.

In his letter, the Minister Foreign Affairs Canada mentions the reference to it Ivonka Survilla December 19, immediately after the events in Minsk, and writes that "concerned about the violence and arrests of protesters and opposition candidates. As you know, I have made several public statements and expressed deep concern about the Government of Canada election results, condemned the violence and demanded the release of opposition leaders. I also expressed deep concern because of the condition of Mr. Neklyaeva. "

"Canada continues to be an active supporter of compliance Human Rights and democratization in Belarus. We will continue to monitor developments in Belarus and will work with like-minded countries and international organizations to support the peaceful development of democracy "- wrote in a letter to the chairman of the BNR Rada Minister Foreign Affairs Canada.

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