In Ufa, Russia’s largest open Motoshkola


RIA "Bashkiria": 

Before the start of a small instruction, the coach gets a motorcycle, seven year old Timothy shows how to properly operate the throttle stick. Training bike less than a bicycle, but is run almost like a sport. The young rider, as his friends Motoshkola idol only one.

Timothy Alexeyev, a student Motoshkola:

— When I grow up I want to be like Kohl KRASNIKOV — champion.

RIA "Bashkiria":

Today, dozens of Ufa boys a real treat. For them, the stadium opened Motoshkola builder with the latest technology. According to the 17 times world champion Nikolai Krasnikova, open Motoshkola was the dream of his life, and now it has come true.


Nicholas KRASNIKOV, President Motorcycle Federation RB:

— Our school will be able to engage children from five to 19 years. We will try to make out of children according to their ability, to understand who is more inclined to anything, teach them safe driving a motorcycle who comes will teach extreme driving and of course we expect them to athletic performance.

RIA "Bashkiria":

After the official opening — Indicative Programme. According to the management of the Centre, Motoshkola be able to take one hundred forty students. To them have already purchased new equipment.


Lenar Mingazov, reporter:

— Total Motoshkola was purchased for 22 motorcycle. 7 Japanese — small motorcycles and 15 more, China. This was done to ensure that each child, depending on age, had a motorcycle different power.


RIA "Bashkiria":

Financial support to the Centre of Technical Sports behalf Gabdrakhman Kadyrov had Charitable Foundation "Ural". From December 2011 on the development of motor sport in the country it has committed 27.5 million rubles. 

Murat Gimranov, a specialist charity background "Ural":

— Council Charity Fund "Ural", headed by its chairman Gubaydovichem Murtaza Rakhimov decided in 2011 to provide technical assistance to the center of the sport name Gabdrakhman Kadyrov for the development of motorcycle sport in the country. In 2011, under a contract of donation we had to provide assistance in the amount of 24 million rubles, but as of today's date we have in the amount of 21 million rubles have already been helped by the end of the year we left three million rubles. Plus we also support motorcycling in Salavat, and in the October.  

RIA "Bashkiria":

According to Nikolai Krasnikova, Motoshkola with this level of technology and equipment of so many professional athletes do not in any other region of Russia. He is sure in a few years of these guys will grow new stars of motorsport.

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