In Usmani (Lipetsk region). Opened clinic

May 23 renovated clinic is open Usman CRH.

Clinic consists of two blocks. The main unit — 4-storey building with a ground floor area of 2,730 sq.m. Block number 2 460 sq.m. There is a pharmacy and TB services.

Polyclinic for 500 visits per shift for two-shift operation. Take doctors in 18 specialties: general practitioner, surgeon, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, etc.

Open functional diagnostics, fitted modern x-ray machine for 3 jobs. In the clinic the new equipment.

Among the new hardware device to determine the functions of external respiration, ECG monitors for blood pressure control during the day, apparatus for ultrasonic processing tools, equipment for endoscopic examination of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, bought new furniture, reception and consulting rooms are equipped with computers.

Also based clinics will run day-care for 12 beds, which will be held daily treatment in 24 patients.

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