Managing sleep


Night suffering from insomnia and nightmares, daytime — klyuem nose on the move … The way we sleep affects how we live
We think that we are asleep, and wake up when we want, when we want. We think that the dream — is an unimportant part of life. We paid little attention to him, it is easy to ignore. And do not immediately understand, when he starts to avenge us. We think that we manage this dream, but in reality it — us. About him not everyone knows, even those who are professionally engaged in them — doctors, a sleep.

Heroes of our film faced with the extreme situation when the dream seriously interfered with their lives. And even run it! We also tried to interfere with sleep and made several experiments to test: how reliable such sayings as: "The early bird catches the worm feeds", "sleep — the best medicine" and "the problem need to sleep …"

Sasha Pisarenko 8 years. For 5 years now sleep fully controls her life. She can sleep anywhere. At a desk at school or going across the road. She wants to do gymnastics, but her mother is afraid that her daughter fell asleep, making a "wheel." Sleep can turn Sasha from life for a few hours or a few days. Predict its occurrence can neither itself Sasha nor her mother, nor the best neurologists country. It is a disease — a mystery to doctors. Why it occurs, they are able to explain, but as a cure — no.

Arkady Konovalov life snoring. What nonsense! All snore! Bad sleep because of snoring, do not worry. So our hero talked until he was gasping at night during sleep. It was a dream. Day — nothing like that. Within months of the typical retiree, he became disabled in the last stage. He has handed over the heart, blood vessels, joints. He gasped at night and slept during the day. His days have turned into a solid nap, and at night — a nightmare. After the examination, it turned out that in his dreams he was not breathing 4:00 of the 8. Why is this happening? How often faced with this snoring people? And how is it treated? Answers — in the film.

Alexandra 70. 40 of them, she did not sleep well. And it prevented sleep — legs. Had only to fall asleep — in the legs appear agonizing tremor. Tremor passed only with the active walking. And Alexandra went 40 for 5-6 hours at night. A day — went to the doctors — treated leg. Until she found out that she had the disease — no legs, and sleep. Called the "night of restless legs syndrome." A cured one tablet.

Lawyer Oleg Golubev slept only 10 seconds, and is now under investigation. During these moments he hit man to death. Now Oleg would have given something to stop him from sleep. And we found out — this is something already exists.

Deputy Alexander Semenikov asleep in meetings and does not know how to fight it. tried everything: sleeping, yoga, milk and honey, the expense of sheep. To no avail. And only a sleep doctor learned how to deal with sleep, to sleep at night, and not to suffer. What can not be taken in any case, if you have insomnia. And her win.

15-year-old Vlad Pavlov sleep deprived of all hope for the future. She is an excellent student, going to MSU, and suddenly — catalepsy — a disease in which sleepy always. State of vigor can be maintained only medicines, and even then not for long. Life is a dream — what is it?

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