Middle East dominated by snow and the elements for the third day

Middle East dominated by snow and the elements for the third dayIn parallel with the ongoing bloodshed in Syria throughout the country are heavy rains and snow. Most of the precipitation was falling and the Golan Heights.

It is reported that most of the roads are blocked by snow. A similar pattern is also observed in Jordan and Lebanon. Endless heavy rains and snow are the third consecutive day in the Middle East.

Storm did not prevent anti-government demonstrations in Syria, which took place on March 2, in 12 cities, including Damascus and Aleppo.

It is noted that the weather prevented conducting classes in Jordan, where children of the second day did not go to school. Also stopped classes at universities. Planes fly as scheduled in Jordan and Lebanon. Jordan lifted the championship matches in football — the stadium filled poloumetrovymi layers rainwater.

In Lebanon, the army has worked to save the inhabitants of the mountain villages, cut off by snow storms due to the cities. Bulldozers and tractors Lebanese Army Corps of Engineers are trying to clear the roads, which are filled up almost two-meter drifts across the country. In Syria, with great difficulty rescued eight fishermen from two boats that went out to sea to fish.

According to hydrometeorologists storm, which began on Wednesday, will last until Saturday inclusive throughout the Middle East. In the mountainous areas of Lebanon temperature for the fourth day kept in minus 4 degrees, according to news website Ynet.


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