Model of the French main battle tank — Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t

50 years of the last century. Achieved and the principles of the construction of ammunition with the introduction of a cumulative jet. New types of ammunition own increasingly massive broneprobivaemym action. Because changes in tank building begins. Languid tanks began to take their positions — the average tank with good mobility and low silhouette become the latest trend in the development tank equipment in the world. An example of such transition becomes a "confrontation" languid and IS-7 medium tank T-54.

The result of this transition is brand new concept, which is now accepted in the world — "main battle the tank. " Under this concept perfectly suitable tank average tonnage. Almost all of the world are beginning to implement this favorite idea. France, which has always aspired to be one of the first in addressing similar issues, but the very victim of the German occupation, is also beginning to create a new medium tank, which had to be a main battle tank the French armed forces and their ability to sell such tanks to countries without their own The development of military-industrial complex. The creation of such a tank in France became involved in the company «Batignolles-Chatillon». This French company was known as train manufacturers producing locomotives and wagons. The basic concept of the new French tank — very light, mobile and battle-tank. The project has received the title of «Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25T."

A prototype of the French main battle tank - Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t

The base of the tank — a very flattened body. The frontal armor is made of 80 mm sloped armor plates. Running the tank — hydraulic suspension with 6 road wheels. The tower portion of the oscillating type composed of upper and lower portions connected by a hinge between. The gun is made in the upper part of the tower. For traversing turns all tower, vertical guidance for implementing the upper part of the tower rises from the tool relative to the lower part.

Such a design of the tower has its advantages — tower portion has the least amount relative to the standard tower parts, because with vertical guidance is not required to use a portion of the internal volume and the instrument can provide a conventional automatic loader. French designers often use drum machine loading in pre-war projects armored vehicles and then went on to investigate ways. Although the machine itself is more like a magazine, by analogy with the small tool, because after the consumption of the shells in the bowl, the tank should be halted and re-charge the drum by hand. But specifically drum autoloader gives the right to the highest rate of the tank. By oscillating tower part can say one thing — only the French designers were able to incorporate the idea of swinging in the tower part of life. South American designers also tried to build and install oscillating tower at the tanks (eg T57/58), but to implement the metal did not come down.

A prototype of the French main battle tank - Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t

Medium Tank «Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t» has received 90 mm gun, which provided the projectile velocity of 930 m / s. Additional armament French Tank has not received. Dimensions of the machine were more than small-sized, the length of a little more than 5.5 meters long, 3 meters, height of less than 2.5 meters. Weight French tank with all this did not reach 25,000 pounds. Speed properties «Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t» pretty highest — the highest speed up to 65 km / h

The crew — four people:
— the commander of the tank, seat — tower portion;
— gunner, seat — tower portion;
— driver-mechanic, residence — the separation of management;
— radio operator, the seat — the separation of management.

The fate of the project
The project of a medium tank from the company «Batignolles-Chatillon» lost the contest tank «AMX 30", which was the main battle tank for the French armed forces. In the middle of the main causes for which «Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t» failed to win a place in the main battle tank, you can select the following:
— gidropodveski unreliability;
— the need for constant maintenance of the chassis after the introduction of at least some of the tank;
— loss of enthusiasm for the French to the tower part of the oscillating type;
— inability to perform the creation of the towers of the gas permeable. At the time, the beginning of the cool war, when there was a risk of introduction of chemical and even nuclear weapons, this feature was much needed in the armed forces.

Designers «Batignolles-Chatillon» built only two standards (layout) of the new medium tank, some principles of creation of the tank and its technology was used in the French designers the subsequent development of other armored vehicles.

A prototype of the French main battle tank - Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t

The main features:
— full combat weight — 25,000 pounds;
— Length — 5.67 m;
— width — 3.16 m;
— height of 2.37 meters;
— armament — 90 mm gun;
— additional weapons: the competition of French main battle tank, the layout of the installed machine gun caliber 7.5 mm;
— speed — up to 65 km / h;
— crew — 4 people.

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