Radar detection of distant early warning Voronezh

Station "Voronezh" created for the detection and tracking of ballistic and cruise missiles, and other aerodynamic objects.
In the web and print can meet the wrong title data stations — or zagorizontalnaya the-horizon radar.

Early warning radar early warning system "Voronezh"

On December 1, last year joined the forces of air and space defense of the Russian Federation.
The main feature of the radar "Voronezh" — the highest factory-assembled.
First developed and put into operation a radar range meter "Voronezh-M". Subsequent development was the radar station "Voronezh-DM". Third model of radar data — "Voronezh-VP."
The first steps to establish radar stations VZG were taken in 1986 in the development of radar to "Selenga".
CEV provides time data mount radar least 18-24 months.
The stations consist of a 23-unit sets of equipment.

Early warning radar early warning system "Voronezh"

"Voronezh" and uses the hardware design solutions that enable a set of ready-made industrial units put together a system with features appropriate operational and tactical requirements of the installation site. Software and technology to solve all issues on management of energy resources. The integrated monitoring and control system sverhtehnologichny lower service costs.
The wait staff in a standardized containers that have a system for temperature characteristics.
The designers have worked nomenclature shifanerov — "Voronezh" has 12 types shifanerov from which cabinets with transceiver, energopitayuschim equipment and control system AFU — serial. Not serial shifanerov on the radar to "Voronezh" 22 units, arranged them in 3 containers, which also installed the equipment temperature control features.
Receivers and transmitters in early warning radars to "Voronezh" is located in a large antenna complexes VZG. They are ready for transport and assembly units.
Installation of these systems is to support the assembly plants frisky. This leads to the construction of an active antenna Hassle web. This block integrated assembly reduces loss in the reception and transmission paths, the temperature lowers and, in general, provides the highest efficiency of the antenna device component. In addition, the assembly provides the ability to upgrade. Transmitters are placed on each end of the container.
The radar antenna to early warning "Voronezh" uses the method of creation of the sublattices at the reception, which reduces the volume of used equipment without dropping features NAM. The method is implemented on a mutual overlap of the sublattices and use in their particular amplitude rassredotachivany.
Cascades of the transmission transistor amplifiers in the cable and antenna lead interaction like "a hot collector." This allows you to cool the transmission equipment "outboard" air coming through the ventilation equipment, which is part of tehapparatury. This "live" ventilation is allowed to turn away from the overall thermal stabilization and cooling systems.
"Hot" air circuit cooling distributed over the antenna boxes with integrated duct system.
Temperature characteristics for limit switch modules installed in the ductwork average of less than 45 degrees. At low temperatures in winter, close the loop, and the warm air goes to heating the antenna boxes. Warm air is diluted with an outer contour cool air to maintain a particular temperature.

Early warning radar early warning system "Voronezh"

Apparatus reception channel has not only digitizes the signals, and an integrated microprocessor for processing digital source control and verification of reception paths. This approach saves computational tools "Voronezh" and channels for disk imaging, and reduces the loss of the processed signals using digital methods of stabilization of non-identical channels used by FAR.
Digital signal processing occurs at the carrier frequency output with subsequent isolation of the quadrature parts, which made it possible to reduce the loss of perfectly machined disk imaging.
The computing equipment used for primary-secondary treatments performed on your computer such as "server" open architecture of information processing in real-time. The computer is unified around a promising type of subject. Has two types of processing cells, and 2 bus: Bus «VME» and custom bus. Constructive box computer — "Euromechanics." Performance solutions — up to 100 billion operations per second. The computer has unlimited ability to upgrade and build-up. Footprint — half the standard cabinet hardware "Voronezh". Consumption of up to 1.5 kW / h Service is not provided. Warranty life of 80 thousand hours.
Functional and technical management of peripherals designed as co-processors that are embedded in tehapparaturu, combined with a central co-processor speed interface. It is possible to lower the large dimensions of equipment, reliability increment stream info and multifunctional control.

In early warning radar to "Voronezh" use software adjustment capacity in the responsibility for the range, angles and time-saving mode of resources consumed.
The software control mode enables data quickly change the power consumption in the ordinary radar, and combat readiness for combat modes, smooth consumption of energy in the working sector radar.
When installing the head early warning radar to "Voronezh-DM" near the town of Armavir, for its energy power line stretched a total length of more than eight kilometers, built a communications and roads.
On-site radar set checkpoint, set BVM, facilities for water intake, an electrical substation, fire station, an underground shelter. The premises had a modern decor. For the personnel of the radar made entirely comfortable living conditions and combat missions. For relaxation and physical fitness training are tower, volleyball and one hundred meters to practice fire department personnel. The whole area is illuminated and surrounded by fencing off the perimeter. Planted seedlings of trees and shrubs.
Since the start of construction by mid-2006, was a set of works by 58 units system objects. Completion of construction — 2009 year. Contractor — USS number 7 Spetsstroy Russia.

Early warning radar early warning system "Voronezh"

The main characteristics of the radar "Voronezh&quo

— Power consumption: "DM" — 0.7 MW, "VP" — up to 10 MW;
— Detection range: "DM" 2500-6000 km, "VP" — 6 thousand kilometers;
— purposes of working out: "DM" to 500 units.

Modification of a series of "Voronezh":
— Early warning radar station "Voronezh-M" was built in 2006, marking 77YA6. Is malopotentsialnoy station meter range;
— Early warning radar station "Voronezh-DM" was built in 2011, marking 77YA6-DM. Is srednepotentsialnoy station decimeter range;
— Early warning radar station "Voronezh-VP" is scheduled to finish in 2012, the designation 77YA6-PE. Is a high potential broadband station may be millimeter range.

Economic characteristics of the construction of the stations:
— Armavir "Voronezh-DM" — 2.85 billion rubles;
— Pioneer "Voronezh-DM" — 4.4 billion rubles;

Location of stations "Voronezh":
— "Voronezh-M" is placed in the Leningrad region in 2009 is on alert, provides control of the countryside from Spitsbergen to Morocco;
— headache "Voronezh-DM" 2-modular implementation, is available in the Krasnodar Territory in 2009 is on active duty, provides the control area from North Africa to southern Europe;
— 1st serial "Voronezh-DM", placed in the Kaliningrad region, since 2011 is on alert, provides control of the countryside west direction, twin radar station in Baranovichi;
— "Voronezh-VP", placed in the Irkutsk region in 2012 to intercede on alert, built, will provide control area south-east, and will install the antenna on the southbound (2014).

The planned construction of the station "Voronezh":
— "Voronezh-VP" near the Pechora River in 2015;
— "Voronezh-VP" in the Murmansk region in 2017;
— "Voronezh-VP" in Azerbaijan in 2017, the intercession on combat duty in 2019.

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