Sanctions: Pros and Cons

Society of Military retiree, author of documentary research about life in occupied Belarus Ilya Kopyl the question of whether political constraints against the current Belarusian regime responds with an officer pramalineynastsyu: Sanctions — be. According to him, the Belarusian leadership has brought the situation to such an extent that the return to a civilized settlement of the Belarusian issue is almost impossible:

Ilya Kopyl

"I believe that the sanctions are necessary. And need any sanctions — both political and economic. Indeed, when it concerns Belarus, and the economy here, and all that is intertwined with politics. Consequently, there is nothing you can not share. Personally, I think that sanctions need any.

Unfortunately, the situation needs to be managed externally. And the more the pressure from the United States, European Union, and it would be desirable that the part of Russia such harassment was, perhaps, but little effect — is also already the result. External levers to influence regime is quite possible. I think that as MEPs and ministers of foreign affairs are determined, so that the corresponding solutions will be taken . "

One of the first farmers in Belarus Vladimir Matusevich not so radical in the conclusions and believes that the issue of political or economic restrictions should be more selective. However, in his opinion, all involved in the repression, should feel the brunt of foreign attention to their guests, regardless of the social situation:

Vladimir Matusevich

"I primarily sanctions for political reasons. Although, of course, if the adopted policy together with economic sanctions, these measures would give a tangible effect. But I am against the restrictions in the economic sphere. Europeans, Americans constantly emphasize that we will do the sanctions to hurt ordinary Belarusians. But how to do so, so as not to hurt the common man, if we take economic sanctions? I do know, do not understand, because in any case, the imposition of economic sanctions necessarily hurt ordinary Belarusians.

Political restrictions of the visa regime for certain categories of citizens — that it is necessary to achieve in the first place. Let them deal directly responsible for the repression, let fear judges who make such decisions, including those who work in District Courts. Let afraid different commanders — I have in mind not only the top management, the Minister of Internal Affairs, because there are also specific to the company commander, platoon leader, who commanded these children, all dressed in black, who beat people with their batons. They should also be included in the black list, as not a problem to find out their names. To let people know what to do evil, to act against innocent people, even if this is an order, but if the criminal order, you should first think carefully before making such an order. "

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