Slaves in camouflage

Slaves in camouflageConscripts bring measured income fathers commanders

The introduction of the conscripts for the personal benefit of the team — an ordinary practice for the Russian army. And in the Volgograd region is no exception. With all of this earlier if the men were carrying combat watch for accidents generals' dachas, but now their "sale" has become a business for the officers measured and profitable business.

Eugene C. had been in the Army 18 months, but the service is specifically taken from them only two months. After completing the course the young fighter with a few of his colleagues were sent to the "subsistence farming", where he remained for more than one year. September 7 this year, along with other Eugene did escape.

Excerpt from the statement of the fugitives to a human rights group:

"… All summer long we weeded, harvested fee (carrots, beets, cauliflower). We worked 18 hours a day. They lived in tents. We were fed three times a day, but it is bad: 6 am — two slices of bread and tea. From time to time, and the bread is not allowed. Lunch — soup, bread slightly, tea. For dinner, slightly cereal. We are constantly chased by saying that no funds are working, they pay our commanders. Constantly on the field there were 18 people. But from time to time brought more soldiers … ".

This is the case of "New News" told co Volgograd regional organization of parents of soldiers 'Mothers' rights Nina Ponomarev.

"The story of the escape was completed especially — says she. — We had a fighter in another part, and in the afternoon they went away again! "Here, — they say — outfits guards. And we do not know. We did not learn anything. We can only work on the field. We wish you back, but just afraid of the commander — punish for running away. "

The episode with the Volgograd fugitives illustrates the situation in the "reformed" Russian army. Fighter call to serve the country, and in fact are used as slaves. Many machine in the hands not kept never …

In matters of trade soldier difficulty, by the views of defenders, particularly in the succeeding officers / h train number 12670 troops stationed in the Volgograd. According to the order number 78 CBAW Commander Colonel General G. Kogatko military units can be recruited on a contractual basis "for teaching and practical work on the construction, reconstruction and repair of railway lines and objects. Obtained as a result of profit goes to the repair of military camps, purchase of medicines, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, improved nutrition military, cultural and educational activities. "

"We can not even soldiers notebooks available for employment — outraged one of the junior officers of the above, who asked not to call themselves. — But commanders on the "Mercedes" go … ".

Organization parents of soldiers "of unblemished curiosity" decided to check how much fighter push off from the military part number 12670 on different work each day. To this end, several people armed with cameras and camera, the day came to the checkpoint and witnessed a curious pattern.

"Soldier taken out whole platoons, — says one of the participants of the" ambush ". — We ask, "where are you going?" Answer — "weeding." Soon, 10 more people took to the needs of any sports club "Rotor". Later, two more cars with soldiers departed in an unknown direction. Later they began to drive up passenger cars, the main foreign cars, and take on 2-3 fighter. Find out who goes where, it was quite hard. Total for the morning, according to our calculations, were taken from the location of the order of 350-400 soldiers … ".

How much money is obtained officers carry a soldier's work? Themselves "slaves in camouflage" do not know. Although from time to time can not figure out their prices. Vasily P., designed from the Volgograd region, "served" on the loading of cement, cleaning debris on concrete factory in the town of Beslan. "Once a month I signed for in the statement of wages accruing to me that had never seen. I was amazed amount — almost four thousand rubles! "- Basil wrote in his own letter to the human rights group.

In the regional center has recently started action "Excess fighter"The aim of which is to convey to the authorities alarming situation prevailing in the Volgograd region. And not only. At the moment, the activists are collecting disk imaging on the situation in the armed forces throughout the country.

"We wish that the Supreme Commander looked at the situation in the army, commanded", — They say human rights activists.

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