Strike lousy fleas on the prisoner jail

Society "head lice, scabies and other such diseases — the norm for Belarusian detention centers," believes former political prisoner, Grodno entrepreneur and head of the legal Internet project Valery Levaneuski.

Lice as is the norm for Belarusian jail

On average, fleas and lice have dimensions respectively 2 and 1.8 mm. Under the conditions of the Belarusian jail they can grow twice or more, noting that emergency viability. As the specialists, epidemiologists, the more unsanitary than not changing bedding and underwear, the less it washed and pressed, the less clean, shorn and generally takes care of the hygiene of the person, the greater the scale gets head lice.

According to a former political prisoner, Vitebsk entrepreneur and veteran police Sergei Parsyukevich, Minsk jail number 1 on the street Volodarskogo literally crawling with parasites. In the crowded, damp, unventilated cells and bad of this insulator they love to live in pillows. Parsyukevich himself had to deal with lice twice, and, as he says, "only by means of hands and good vision — other means to deal with head lice on Volodarka not accepted."

In Grodno prison lousy fleas love to jump in different directions

On Levaneuski, which on charges of insulting the president waited six months jail sentence in Grodno, in these institutions created a haven for fleas and lice. So, for all of six months, neither he nor the other defendants never took to wash that single change of clothes and underwear in which they entered the camera. Sam Levaneuski washing them under the tap it with cold water. However, not all of his fellow inmates watched hygiene like him.

Levaneuski"Many times when I happened to leading man in the brand new camera from which these" lousy fleas "just jump in different directions. So I was always a police authorities, said until otmoesh, the camera will not let you. Provided in jail sanitization such people, but no one does.

If we take the same clothes or mattresses, they have instead of cotton or something — or sawdust board. The pillows are also full of unknown than there is in these lice, mites — a lot. As we talked, there on these mattresses and pillows who just died. They are dirty, they are even yellow stains from the nits. Give out some sheets, but they are so cut the size as navlechki. Often these sheets to wash up under the faucet with cold water. The biggest problem is that there is no independent external medical supervision. Only their own prison medical personnel. However, it is totally dependent on the prison authorities. "

The prosecutor is required to load complaining of late change of clothes

Retell my companion story told on the eve of "Freedom" wives of political prisoners Dmitry BondarenkoOlga and Ales MikhalevichMilan. They even do not allow you to pass on change of dirty underwear and bed linen clean husbands kits.

Michalevic"Now all of these sheets go back and forth. Their need to take on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but do not take. According to prison regulations, prisoners are entitled to only two sheets and navlechku. For a change of clothes the prisoner should write a statement. But for almost a month no claims as there is no connection, even through his lawyers. So anything from them do not return. And, accordingly, do not accept. "

Says Levaneuski, referring to what he knew evaluation, "in the KGB detention center in the sense of better sanitation other detention facility, as there is" still generally more cultured people sit, but the fact that the prisoners do not provide linen — is a violation. "Advises Levaneuski relatives of political prisoners to file complaints about the laundry in the prosecutor's office and the head of the detention center and parallel voice is all over the media.

Levaneuski"And as most need to write such complaints that have banned convey this and that. Then prosecutors and prison will have to give reasoned answers, why not let this pass. Generally, the more complaints of freedom, the easier it is to sit person there. Indeed, there can not file a complaint. I'm looking on the recent statement by the prosecutor's office, according to which prisoners have no complaints about prison conditions. All this nonsense. At the time, reported that prosecutors came to me with a check, but I have them never seen. Suppose wives, they will say complaints about the laundry. they should as much as possible to download applications. jailers enjoy the fact that non-political prisoners remain silent about it. "

Tomorrow, in our next program, Valery Levaneuski talk about medical care in prison.

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