In Jurga opened a new pontoon bridge

October 1 was put into operation a pontoon bridge across the river Tom.The new bridge consists of 30 floats, which are mounted on 18-anchors. Load capacity pontoon bridge is limited to 50 th tons, required by safety regulations. For the passage of large ships will be divorced two pontoon span (about 50 meters), for small vessels — to climb a ramp at an angle of almost 90 degrees. With the opening of the pontoon bridge at yurgintsev the opportunity to easily and at any time of the day to cross to the other side of the river, to

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Professor bike Eaglet

Society I was not a friend of Vladimir Conon and they could not be, by definition — it is three years older than his father. But I do today is very sad and unfortunate, something close, a great and dear departed …

He was my senior colleague and leader, about five years I worked in his department of history and culture theory Skorinovskogo center. He was like my father, with Novogrudok, and these roots Czechs abroad I always felt in his tactful and friendly to me. Maybe that's why it happened so that our relationship, strangely enough, were not limited

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Jet fighters and camel cavalry

"Troops sands" are ready for battle in the deserts of the Maghreb

Lord of Mohammed VI — not only the nominal commander in chief and the head of a real Moroccan army. Photo: Reuters

Moroccans always including a good warriors. They opposed the European invaders for centuries, and during the first and second world wars were part of structure French army. Moroccan fighter undeniable contribution to the defeat of the Italian fascist parts of Libya in 1940, the liberation of Marseille, the battle for Stuttgart and Tübingen. In the fields of the second world war killed about eight thousand Moroccan

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Lukashenko's time to hit a nerve

Society David J. Kramer, executive director of Freedom House, and Jörg Forbrig, an expert German Marshall Fund of the United States, writes in today's edition of the Financial Times, the European Union if it wants to get influence on the situation in Belarus should impose economic sanctions against Minsk. We offer you a translation of this material.

After fraudulent elections in December brutal suppression of the protests only increased the suffering of the Belarusian democratic opposition, civil society and the media, which are in a state of siege in the country. In response, the EU ministers were on Monday to

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In Jurga (Kemerovo region) launched a training module dairy plant

As the deputy governor E.L.Rudneva, in April this year at the enlarged meeting of the Board of Administration of the Kemerovo region governor had decided to purchase a modular dairy complex. From the regional budget was allocated 4.5 million rubles. More than 1.5 million rubles allocated an educational institution.


Production educational facilities yurginskogo college of agricultural technologies and services is very popular among the residents of the city Jurga, and launch a modular dairy unit enables the modern requirements for implementation and quality of milk and dairy products.

Academic performance modular dairy unit: 1 ton

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Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Lynx

Lynx is an economical multiple rocket launcher (MRL) established for firing rockets caliber from 122 to 300 mm, placed on a highly mobile chassis 6×6. This completely autonomous launcher can be recharged in 10 minutes. Lynx MLRS can be configured to implement different types of rockets starting with 2-sealed packages of containers: 40 (2 packs of 20 missiles each) 122-mm Grad rockets with a maximum range of 20 to 40 km, 26 (2×13) 160-mm rockets LAR-160 or ACCULAR with the greatest range of 45 km or eight 300-mm rockets (2×4) EXTRA with the largest range of 150 km. In

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In the Southern Military District received the latest SAM Tor-M2U


In the Southern Military District received the latest anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor-M2U." Itar-Tass reported today head of information management district Oleg Kochetkov.

"The first samples of anti-aircraft missile system" Tor-M2U "have started to come into service air defense units stationed in the Volgograd region, — he said. — New systems will replace the outdated SAM "Wasp." It is assumed that in 2012, "Tor-M2U" completely replace their predecessors. " "Supplies of new complexes are held in the framework of the state defense order," — said Kochetkov.

According to him, In 2011, the armament of

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March 17 something huge hung over Kiev

March 22, 2012 13:37

March 17, 2012 at 21.16 something strange stuck in wooded (Desnyanskiy Kiev area on the left bank). Visually, it looks like 6 light points, forming the shape hovering in the sky giant airship. It is with these words describe the movie you downloaded in yutubovsky broadcasts one of the witnesses of English-language Internet. Here in Ukraine video almost went unnoticed.

Eyewitness nick «123456vlasov» uploaded videos depicting these very strange lights over Kiev March 17, ie immediately after the shooting. Under the roller instead of a concise description: "six points over the woodland

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21.12.12. Telephone reassurance for the citizens of Russia

Immediately publish a hotline for people who really need to calm your nerves:


Anyone who has any questions about the date of 21.12.12 can call the Ministry of Emergency Situations (though only Russia) and talk to trained people. I think this is the right way out of this situation. But perhaps due to congestion of telephone lines to expect a call would be long. And now for the application of Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov made yesterday.

MES has opened a hotline for funky apocalypse Russians. This

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In the U.S., there is an unusual invasion of polar owls

Polar white owl nesting usually in the tundra, began this winter to explore unfamiliar area of many states in the U.S. until this southern, like Oklahoma. Because these days the birds closely associated in the public mind with the mass of the Harry Potter novels, Americans enthusiastically discussing how miraculously caused the cause of their cruise guests.

True, ornithologists respond to this question is quite prosaic. According to them, the owls seem to have multiplied because of last season in the tundra was the abundance of lemmings, they primarily feed. Now no longer enough to feed everyone, and predators have

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