9 of the most original ways in which people could get rich in todays economy


Service on lease friends

We all grew up chimi-nibud friends, but very few people ever occur in this to make money. Unfortunately or fortunately, today we live in a completely different era, where earning friendship and good. To do this, just something to have an account on RentAFriend.com, specify the hourly rate for which you are willing to "make friends" and wait until someone is interested. A win-win situation.

Register online "Friend for rent" free and you can earn up to $ 50 per hour. You can hire, for example, to make a company for going to the cinema, to the wedding of a former / ex, play tennis, dine in the restaurant, etc.

The idea of creating the site came up with his owner Scott Rosenbaum after visiting dating sites. He noted that none of these services are not offered a friendship and decided to fill this gap. Rosenbaum emphasizes that his service specializes in purely platonic relationship.

Service, offering to hire personal paparazzi

Paparazzi "hunt" is not just for celebrities. Now you can hire your own paparazzi who follow you on the heels of the day. That makes this site Celeb4aday.com — it allows anyone to feel like a star, even if only for one day. Sometimes the paparazzi hired to please friends or play, as a gift for a birthday or any other event.

Advertise on face

Students Ed Moyes and Ross Harper have come up with a way to make money on the original study (which is by 50,000 euros for his brother!), Nothing particularly burdensome without. They draw on their faces advertising, and then photographed with a funny face or shoot funny videos on request. Sometimes they have to jump with a parachute or dive into the cold water. In the first ad guys pay one euro. And in the next ten days they have earned 3,500 euros and has since not sitting "work" for a single day.

Market experts

Online Services "Student success" offers its services to those who are having any difficulties with the development of the curriculum and those who are great at anything, "voloket." If you consider yourself an expert on some subject, you can visit the site and choose from a list of questions the one that can answer detailed and thorough. 20 percent of your answers will be available on the website to ask a question people could decide whether or not to buy your explanation. Many "experts" can not sell their knowledge for good money, sometimes they earn several thousand dollars.

Supplier of butterflies

As strange as it may sound, you can make millions even butterflies. In any case, it worked out Jose Muniz, who founded his business on a bet.

It began when a friend offered him Muniz bet $ 100, claiming that he can not earn a living by selling butterflies. Since then, seven years have passed. A former business consultant and his wife owned a thriving company for the supply of live butterflies. Already in 2006, revenues totaled one million dollars.

Trade virtual property

Character online game Second Life named Anshi Chang (in the real world — a German teacher of Chinese descent Eileen Gref) was the first true millionaire, made his fortune in the virtual world.

How did she do it? She bought, landscaped and selling virtual real estate. In the early days of Second Life, it has invested in this strange company $ 9.95, began to acquire virtual land, "build" on these buildings and gardens break, after which exhibited "real estate" for sale. Today Gref profit from the game is 150 thousand dollars a year.

Subscribe to socks

Entrepreneur from Switzerland Samuel Liechti came up surprisingly simple idea: to found a company that offers a newsletter socks "subscription" to those who are too lazy to go shopping. Ironically, the idea proved to be extremely successful and has brought a lot of money Liechti. Annual subscription (to 9 pairs) is worth at least $ 89.

Each new subscriber receives a booklet with the calculations of how much time he will be able to save, giving up self-purchase of socks: about 12 hours each year or three weeks of life, based on the average life expectancy of Swiss men, which in 2005 was 82.

Service by sending socks BlackSocks began work in 2005, and two years later it was added to the subscription service for underwear. Today Liechti about 60,000 subscribers in 74 countries.

Register stars

Who owns the stars? No one, right? So, you can register a star in his own name and get a certificate. An organization called the International Register stars (International Star Registry) assigns the names of the stars of people since 1979. Celebrities, dignitaries and wealthy people simply use the services of IRS to buy a star as a gift to someone from your family and loved ones.

IRS offers gift bag: you can choose the "vacant" a star in the sky, to call it as you wish and receive a certificate with the date of registration and the exact coordinates. You will be given a detailed star chart fragment with a red circle marked "your" star, an information booklet and a letter of congratulation notice. Plus the name of the star and its coordinates will appear in the "Your place in the cosmos." However, the scientific community all these names are not recognized, but this is small.

Goose police

David Marx once worked at the golf club — it was his duty to maintain the field in perfect condition. Often he had to drive the geese off the field, and he decided that he would come of it good business.

In 1986, David founded the "goose the police", which saves us from the invasion of geese various facilities: parks, area businesses, golf clubs and even private gardens. For this purpose, a specially trained collie who chase geese without causing them harm. Over time, the business grew, and in 2000 the company's profit amounted to nearly two million.

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